Marketing paper

I would like to know what is the market for an app which uses deep learning to get to know you. FI would like to understand whether there is a need for this app and if so what would someone be likely to pay for it. For example, it would be an app that could ask you questions to understand you first. Questions about work, family, beliefs to understand you and your moods as well. I want this app to know me. So I would answer what job do I do?, Do I like my job?, What’s the best thing about it? What’s the worst thing about it? Is this what I am passionate about? What am I passionate about? Are my parents alive? Who was my most dominant parent and why? Do I still feel like I need to live up to their expectations? Have I ever been married? If divorced do I have children? How many are there? What are there ages? What are their names ? What would you like to achieve with the kids this year? Why?
If single am I looking for a relationship at the moment? Does my current partner support me? Who else do I get support from when I need it? When would I go to my partner for a problem? When would I go to my other support person/people? What are their names? How is your health? What would you like to achieve with your health this year? How is your sleep? Do you use data to monitor your sleep? How are your eating habits? Any health goals you would like to achieve this year? I am thinking these kinds of questions will help the app to understand you. And when you wake up and have a certain mood then it could ask you what is wrong? For eg Is it work? Sleep? Health? Kids? It could then break things down and help you understand why you are in this mood. If it knows you then it can understand how to help you. And when it keeps learning what builds your mood then it can start to offer you advice through deep learning and analytics. I want to know if there is a market out there for this. There may or may not be.