Group working assignment

Group working assignment
For this assignment, you are required to work in a group to develop a viral YouTube video to
promote products or services of the company of your choice.
Important note to all students:
All employers are keen to recruit graduates who can co-operate, solve problems and work in teams. As
less hierarchical organisations have emerged with project teams, self-managed work teams and
management teams, so the requirements to “Communicate well with people” and to “work with and
through others” become increasingly important.
Teamwork involves working confidently within a group, contributing your own ideas effectively, taking
a share of the responsibility, being assertive – rather than passive or aggressive, accepting and learning
from constructive criticism, listening and giving constructive feedback to others.
nb teamwork sometimes involves working with others with a different work ethic and circumstances
and ensuring that the team as a whole still performs at its best.
In this assignment, you are required to work in a group to develop a viral
video to promote
products or services of the organisation of your choice (which is a follow up to your individual
Based on the nature of the organisation you need to identify an appropriate context and social
networking channel to create your first viral video. Your viral piece should be carefully created
and appropriate to the business at hand and it shouldn’t insult current or future customers.
When planning the video your group should have clear objectives that you are aiming for,
which could eg be around influence, keyword analysis, retweets, hashtags, ratings, likes, fans,
followers, pins, clicks, view-throughs, tags etc. Your objectives need to be realistic for the key
outcomes that you are focusing to achieve out of your social activities with your viral
You will note these in the pdf submitted alongside the video.
Questions that you might raise within your teams could include but are not limited to:
Why do you feel these were more effective social networking channels than others?
What criteria did you use to decide on which social network to use and what viral video to
What will the success of your viral video mean to the business?
Group Information
You will be working in groups of 5 or 6 students. You are advised to form a group within your
allocated tutorial group as you will have an opportunity within tutorials to work in your groups
to consider the questions raised. However, this is not essential provided you manage the
process to deal with any issues that arise.
You are required to form your group by the week five on the module or earlier. If necessary,
please use the group discussion on Studynet or social networking channels to form your
1. You will be required to develop a viral video to promote products or services of the
business of your choice.
2. The video
should be of no more than two minutesduration and no less than 30
seconds. Ideally your viral video should target 60 seconds.
3. You are required to upload this onto your own YouTube channel
You must submit a link to your YouTube video on StudyNet
You must pass both individual and group assignments to pass the module.
1. The details of the members of the group must be included in the credit of your video (see
lecture entitled Create YouTube videos:
2. All group disputes should be reported to your team leader and then can be escalated to
your tutor or module leader if no agreement has been reached within your group.
3. You will also be required to keep a group log of your meetings and actions. Your progress
needs to be reported back to the tutors and class using a short 2-3 minute group video
uploaded on your YouTube channel and shared using your Twitter account and module
Designing Presentations
Some popular tools that you might want to consider using when designing your presentations
are PowerPoint (Windows), Keynote (Mac), Prezi (online), Google Docs (online), Slideshare
(online), iMovie, ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Sliderocket (online) or use Google to find other tools.
You are free to use whatever application you want to create a movie.
Other popular tools include, Creately, Bubbl, Cacoo, Stat Planet, Inkscape and Charts
You must submit:
a link to your YouTube video on StudyNet. N.b. Every member of each group is required to
submit the link/embed individually for assignment two on StudyNet
. If you do not submit a link
it will not be possible to enter a mark for you. (nb IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE
The group name and a list of members of the group: their names and ID numbers. These
should also be contained in the credits for the video
(n.b. see lecture entitled Create
YouTube videos: These will be listed in notes section of the submission
a group pdf document containing the group’s reference list and a note explaining how
the group believe the video could be used in a social campaign.
Nb individual submissions
different from the group’s will not be accepted.
Nb it is advised that one team member creates the link to the YouTube video and another the group
pdf document and another the list of team members. These should then be shared and checked.
After confirmation that they have been checked and that the video works correctly and the pdf is
correct, the link and the pdf should be uploaded individually by each team member. If an individual
fails to submit it may not be possible to award them a mark
Marking for this assignment
If you do not submit a video, you will fail since this module is about passing all elements. If
there are extenuating circumstances for not submitting, then you should notify Hajrë before
the deadline.
The module learning outcomes assessed for this assignment are:

1. Critically analyse the impact of social networking activities for an organisation
2. Understand the importance of strategies when creating viral piece of content for an
3. Ability to recommend effective social networking activities for an organisation
Specific learning outcomes assessed Marks
Quality of viral Content (e.g accuracy and relevance; clarity of argumentation/explanation;
currency of information; level of interest; level of independent research)
Quality of video design (e.g. storyboarding, visual design, timing, humour, any twists) 15
Support materials (how appropriate are the materials for supporting the delivery of the
content; how well are they used?)
Planning/Organisation of the Material (e.g. use of time, evidence of prior planning; logical
order of the content; introduction/ summary/ conclusion)
Group functioning (e.g. how well are the roles defined and executed; how cohesive and coordinated does the group present itself; how well did the group function to co-ordinate the
work required to create the viral piece of content?)
Appropriate use of Audio (e.g. the language, music, soundtrack, sound effects; is it audible) 10
Overall impression (how coherent is the entire viral video, to what extent is it founded on
the principles of virality, for example the Pamper model i.e passion, alarm, mystique, power