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Public administration involves many different partners with different priorities and responsibilities.  These partners include elected officials, appointed officials, the citizens they serve, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.  Public organizations are required to solve complex issues with limited resources, while also understanding that their goals overlap between partners (Yeboah-Assiamah, Asamoah, & Adams 2019).  Statesmanship is needed to work through each of these issues and there are times that there may be challenges and opportunities that would help during these processes.

The traditional public administration model became prevalent in the United States in the late 1900s and was focused on efficiency in government operations.  The new public management model became the more dominant approach in the 1980s and 1990s after concerns of government failures grew (Bryson, Crosby, & Bloomberg 2014).  The new public management model focuses on both efficacy and efficiency, while moving away from large, centralized government.

The new public administration model urges public managers to “steer, not row” according to Bryson, Crosby, and Bloomberg (2014).  This model calls for the collaboration between the different partners within public administration.  The government create policies and visions for solving an issue within the community.  The government then explains the vision to the citizens, who are viewed differently from the traditional public administration model.

Within the new public administration model, citizens are seen as customers, who need to buy into the policies proposed by the government.  The support of the citizens helps to drive the operations of the organizations while the government manages for results.  Businesses and nonprofits also are used to move the objectives forward by supplementing the government through the process and helping to educate and sell to the citizens.

Proverbs 11:14 NIV says “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors.”  This should remind public administrators that they are unable to complete the needed work alone.  Public administrators should seek guidance from all partners within the government and outside of the government to make a more informed decision.


Bryson, J., Crosby, B., & Bloomberg, L. (2014). Public value governance: moving beyond

traditional public administration and the new public management.  Public Administration Review, Vol 74, Issue 4, p 445-456. Doi:10.1111/puar.12238.

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Yeboah‐Assiamah, E., Asamoah, K., & Adams, S. (2019). Transdisciplinary public leadership

theory: Between the extremes of “traditional public administration” and “new public management”. Journal of Public Affairs, 19(1), e1887-n/a. doi:10.1002/pa.1887

Digital Systems and the Design of Work

we cover two more important IT topics: “Digital Systems and the Design of Work (and also “Information Systems and Business Transformation. authors focus on how IT resources can be used to build competitive advantage for the organization.

The “value chain” model is presented as a framework by which organizations can link their business processes to create strategic partnerships. You are assigned to read  an article: “Technology adoption by global virtual teams: Developing a cohesive approach”.  From these readings there will be a discussion (Discussion 3) and you will submit a research paper on Business Process Re-design.

Read article – “Technology adoption by global virtual teams: Developing a cohesive approach”

Read article – “Influence of digital technology”

Summary of participation for Week 5: Digital Systems and the Design of Work

Summary of participation for week 6: Information Systems and Business Transformation


1. 500 words Discussion

2. 3-4 page research paper and reference page

CCSS & Differentiated Classrooms

Week 3 – Assignment


CCSS & Differentiated Classrooms

What we have learned so far in this course is that students come to us from diverse backgrounds and have their own unique learning needs. We have also learned that the systems of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are grounded in differentiated instructional practices to form the basis of quality curriculum.

As noted in Week Two, you participate in your school’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) as developing experts in implementing differentiated instruction. For this assignment, you will create the content for a blog (not actually creating the blog at this time) that identifies differentiated assessment and teaching strategies. These strategies can be used to assess student mastery of the new Common Core State Standards while providing engaging and rigorous classroom instruction.

For the purpose of this assignment, you will be using a Word document (two to three pages) to create a prospective blog that can be designed online at another time.

Within your blog, you must:

  • Describe (in general) the standards for mathematics.
  • Describe (in general) the standards for English language arts.
  • Summarize the Common Core State Standards initiative including their purpose (i.e., the expectations of the CCSS) and academic impact.
  • Discuss how differentiated instruction is an essential strategy for the CCSS.
  • Explain five or more differentiated strategies, tools, or activities that will support teachers’ implementation of the CCSS for mathematics.
  • Explain five or more differentiated strategies, tools, or activities that will support teachers’ implementation of the CCSS for English language arts.

project integration management   


This week’s assignment will be to write a 1500 – 2000 word, or enough to fully cover the primary topic in a written paper.

  • Thoroughly discuss the project integration management      knowledge area and how it relates to the 5 process groups of a project.
  • Discuss the key attributes within this knowledge area,      see page 73 and 74 of the text for this list.
  • Please focus on the criticality of each in this      knowledge area to project success, including reasons found within the text      and in the additional references you have been asked to solicit from EBSCO      or ProQuest.

Organize your paper around these key attributes for project integration management, please.

Key attributes from page 73 & 74:

· Use of automated tools

· Use of visual management tools

· Project knowledge management

· Expanding the project manager’s responsibilities

· Hybrid methodologies

Tailoring Considerations

· Project life cycle

· Development life cycle

· Management approaches

· Knowledge management

· Change

· Governance

· Lessons learned

· Benefits

Writing Assignment Considerations:

  • Structure:
    • Include a title page and reference page in APA style
    • Introduce your assignment
    • Use the three to five section titles and fill in the       discussion and include personal experience/observation
    • Include a Summary of what you have covered aligning       with the introduction
  • References:
    • Include the appropriate, at least three as described       above, APA style in-text citations and references for all resources       utilized to answer the questions
  • Format:
    • save your assignment as a Microsoft Word (.doc or       .docx)

Identify A Societal/Global Issue That Blockchain Technology Seeks To Improve.

  1. escribe the issue in detail. Examples of topics that we have discussed in class include things like distributing humanitarian relief, global payments and remittances, supply chain provenance (prescription medications, coffee beans etc), medical records, sovereign identity, banking, finance ….. Pick a topic that is interesting to you. There are many out there, including this pandemic. (2-4 pages)
  2. Describe how the problem has traditionally been addressed outside of blockchain. For example is you chose remittances you would have to explain (prior to blockchain) how payments are made across borders. Point out some of the problems with the existing way the issue is being dealt with. (2-4 pages)
  3. Identify a project or team that is using blockchain to address the problem and fully describe the way in which blockchain technology improves outcomes associated with your issue. (2-4 pages)

Why are mortgage markets not a section of the bond markets?

Why are mortgage markets not a section of the bond markets?

This assignment is worth 5 points.  Your grade will be calculated as follows:

  • Your post shows that you are addressing the question (2 points).
  • Your post does not exceed 200 words and the number of words used is clearly indicated at the end of your post (1 point).
  • Your post uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar (1 point).
  • Your post uses references or your experience.  If you are adding references at the end of your post use the APA style.  If you are not using references, write “Experience” at the end of the paragraph (1 point).

Human Resources Management


1.In a US work environment, would reading a newspaper or magazine with nude pictures on the cover besexual harassment?

2.If so, would it be sexual harassment in Germany when working for the same company? Why or why not?

3.Frau Knies argues that Rebecca’s request to prohibit Germans from reading newspapers which offend her isno different than prohibiting German women from dressing in ways which offend Islamic immigrantsworking in the plant. Is this a valid argument? Why or why not?

4.What should Rebecca do?

5.What should Rebecca’s company have done to prevent this problem?

Project management critical success factors

Paper should be in 800words in APA format with citations and 3 references with no Plygarism.

Course: Project Management

Topic: Project management critical success factors


1.Experience project manager and skilled project team

  1. Methodical approach and Research future and current project growth/scope
  2. Relationship Management.


The impaired nurse

Topic: The impaired nurse

Create a  7 page paper in APA format including a minimum of 5 references. Explain how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funds to support your issue or trend. Include the following elements in your paper: share why you chose the specific topic, the current relevance of material, how it is integrated into clinical practice, and how the information is used in clinical setting.