Psychological principles

Psychological principles are theories and beliefs about major areas of our lives, like cognitions, intelligence, social groups, habit, behavior, and many others. Let’s explore how we identify and utilize psychological principles in daily life. In a 2 page paper, please analyze the following:


  1. How do psychological principles affect the study of the behavior of individuals and groups?
  2. What are the parameters of behavioral deviance and its various therapies?
  3. How do psychological principles affect the study of individual differences?
  4. Last, explain the role of psychology in such areas as industry, complex organizations, law, and education.

This paper should be 2-3 pages in length and use APA formatting (cover page, paper body formatting, citations, and references: see Rasmussen’s APA guide in the Resources tab, or by clicking here. Prior to submitting your paper, be sure you proofread your work to check your spelling and grammar. If you use any outside sources, please site those sources in APA citation format

techniques of how a social worker

1 page on assessment: Describe techniques of how a social worker would  assess the presenting issue. Explain any cultural factors that should be taken into account during  assessment. Provide scholarly evidence to support technique.

1 page on   Recommendations for treatment: Recommend one of these evidenced-based family interventions to treat this family. Discuss the theoretical orientation of the theory behind the intervention, the major tenets of the intervention and the strategy/techniques used.Explain why your group recommends this treatment.•Evaluation: Describe how a social worker could evaluate treatment outcomes for this family to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.

At least 3 References: Be sure to include a reference list and assign appropriate citations

Engineering homework help

this is the assignment : Engineering homework help

read this artical and write a 3-page paper in which you consider a specific engineering project using these two different perspectives.  The engineering project is China’s construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

I don’t care where you read about this project, as long as you document your sources.  Specifically, I would like you to discuss the implications of this project, and the reasons for and against doing it, using both the Utilitarian and Respect for Persons approaches.  How would it stack up under each theory?

ICT710 ICT Professional Practice & Ethics

Assessment and Submission Details

Marks: 25% of the Total Assessment for the Course

Due Date: 5:00pm Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Assignments should be submitted via SafeAssign. Please follow the submission instructions on Blackboard.

All assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals.

Refer to the assignment rubric on Blackboard for the marking criteria and standards. The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks.

Refer to your course outline or the course Blackboard web site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism and Collusion” guidelines.

Note: Each student MUST retain a copy of the assignment and this copy MUST be produced within 24 hours of it being requested by the Course Coordinator. Failure to produce the second copy of the assignment when requested may result in loss of marks or a fail grade for the assignment.

Requests for an extension to an assignment MUST be made to the Course Coordinator prior to the date of submission and requests made on the day of submission or after the submission date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

ICT710 Professional Practice & Ethics – Task 1
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Assignment Requirements and Deliverables You need to choose an organization which has undergone a digital disruption and then write a report (1500 words) outlining the changes that have occurred in the organization using a work centred analysis approach.

In the report you will need to provide an assessment of the effect of a digital disruption event in the organisation that you choose, provide recommendations on how to handle the event and provide an implementation plan for your recommendations.

For problem identification and assessment, two matrices will be required, 1) A work centred analysis (WCA) of the company of your choosing prior to a digital disruption event. A retrospective analysis and all assumptions should be included due to the lack of relevant information. 2) The second matrix will be another WCA of the same company after the digital disruption event.

You need to research the organization to provide input into your report.

This report should include the following details in the main body and appendix of the report. Please note standard report structure including an executive summary, introduction and conclusions in addition to the main body must be adhered to. • Framework for analysis o Fill in one WCA framework for before the digital disruption event and another for after the event in an appendix (Appendix A) (this is not included in the word count) • Assessment of the effect of digital disruption o Based on your comparative analysis of both WCA framework matrices that you have recorded in Appendix A, provide an assessment of the effect of digital disruption on the business. o Your assessment must be supported by concepts and other material from the literature (text, readings, etc.). • Recommendations o Provide recommendations on how your case can better handle digital disruption. o You must convince management to adopt your recommendations (i.e. ‘sell’ them to management). • Implementation Plan o Your plan for implementing a process that will reduce the adverse effects of digital disruption (this could include staff training etc.). o Again, you must convince management to adopt your implementation plan (i.e. ‘sell’ it to them).

Submission The report is to be prepared as a single Microsoft Word document with electronic submission through SafeAssign by the due date. For details on report structure refer to: Summers, J. and Smith, B., 2014, Communication Skills Handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication, 4th, Wiley, Singapore

Appropriate referencing is required (both in-text and a bibliography).
ICT710 Professional Practice & Ethics – Task 1
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The assignment will be assessed according to the assignment rubric available on Blackboard.

Late submission of the assignment will be penalised according to USC policy 7.8.2.

Assignment Return and Release of Grades Assignment grades will be available on the Blackboard website with an electronic assignment marking sheet.

Where an assignment is undergoing investigation for alleged academic misconduct, e.g., plagiarism or collusion, the grade for the assignment will be withheld until the investigation has concluded.

End of Assignment 1

Cloud Computing And Fundamental Design Principles

1. Consider the three component layers of cloud computing, and explain in your own words how each layer of technology is related. Ensure that each layer is addressed.

2. Discuss how cloud computing can reduce costs while providing a robust technological environment to improve organizational effectiveness. Support your answer by using a specific business sector or industry (i.e., manufacturing, distribution, government, educational services, technology, and computing).

3.Explain how each fundamental design principle is integral to process improvement within the logistics and distribution industry.

4. Explain why adhering to the four fundamental design principles are important considerations when developing secure applications.

Operations Management homework help

This week’s assignment is a fun one. You will create your very own Online Sport Ethics Magazine. You will complete this assignment via! —

If you already have a! account, you may have to create a new account in order to complete this assignment. Please do not pay any fees regarding your submission.

This assignment will allow you to create your own Online Sport Ethics Magazine and gain knowledge about current issues associated with ethics in sports. Gaining this knowledge may assist you with your career pursuits.

Select the following link for additional information concerning use of the! website: FAQ and Support

Assignment Directions:

  • Please review the attached MS Word document in order to create a! Online Magazine account and complete this assignment.
  • Once you have published your Online Sports Magazine (instructions included in attached MS Word document), complete the following:
    • Compose a 1-2 paragraph summary (i.e., analysis) of your magazine.
    • Explain why you selected these articles/videos and how this information will benefit you during your career pursuit(s).
    • Within written summary, identify some articles’ or videos’ titles or author’s/authors’ names of these publications presented in Online Magazine (i.e., articles/videos) to support statements discussed. Please save this information in a MS Word formatted document file (i.e., docx. or doc.).
    • At the conclusion of this summary, please paste the web link of your new! online magazine.

Remember to include an APA formatted Title page with your submission (see

Submit your assignment as an attachment in a single MS Word (doc., docx.) document titled “Your Last Name Week 2 Assignment” prior to the established due date. For example, the MS Word document would be titled: Johnson Week 2 Assignment.

Information regarding American Psychological Association (APA) format is presented at Also, a suggestion – visit the APUS Library to review Writing@APUS (see “APUS Library” tab located on left side of course’s home page).

Information re: DELETING your! Account is presented in the attached MS Word document.

After submitting your assignment, go to WEEK THREE forum and paste your URL (i.e., web site) link for your new magazine. Follow the instructions for the Week 3 forum, so that your classmates can visit your new magazine.

Do not include any advertisements or non-sports ethics related articles.

Review the attached MS Word document in order to create a! Online Magazine account and complete this assignment. Also, please be sure to review the assignment’s additional information concerning total number of publications presented within a student’s submission (see below) to receive maximum credit.

NOTE: If you experience technical difficulties with completing the! assignment, you may submit this assignment without using the! website. Please review the attached MS Word document file titled “Alternative Assignment SPHE326 – No! Account Required” and complete this assignment prior to the established due date. — If you complete the “Alternative Assignment – No! Account Required”, submit your assignment as an attachment in a single MS Word (doc., docx.) document titled “Your Last Name Week 2 Alternative Assignment.” For example, the MS Word document would be titled: Johnson Week 2 Alternative Assignment.

Suggestion – please review “Student Handbook” for policies concerning Plagiarism.

NOTE: If you do not have access to MS Office software, please review “Announcements” (see tab on left side of SPHE326 Home Page) within our SPHE326 course site. Specifically, read Announcement titled “Technology Requirements and Free Microsoft Office 365 Software for APUS Students.”


Relevance of Articles and Videos

Total Points


Exhibits a limited understanding of the assignment. Student is unable to find relevant articles/videos and includes less than 8 total articles.



Student exhibits a basic understanding of the intended assignment and the articles/videos are related to Sports Ethics, but the magazine does not have the necessary 8 articles/videos.



Establishes a good comprehension of topic and in the building of the magazine. Student demonstrates an effective presentation and has 8 articles/videos, and all articles have relevance to Sports Ethics.



Student exhibits a defined and clear understanding of the assignment. The magazine has over 8 articles/videos (i.e., 9 articles/videos or more) of which all are related to topics of Sports Ethics and each article/video is related to topics covered in our class/textbook.


Micro Economics Homework



  1. A life-saving medicine without any close substitutes will tend to have
  2. a small elasticity of demand. b. a large elasticity of demand. c. a small elasticity of supply. d. a large elasticity of supply.



  1. The price of a good rises from $8 to $12, and the quantity demanded falls from 110 to 90 units. Calculated with the midpoint method, the price elasticity of demand is
  2. 1/5. b. 1/2. c. 2. d. 5.



  1. A linear, downward-sloping demand curve is a. inelastic
  2. unit elastic. c. elastic. d. inelastic at some points, and elastic at others.



  1. The ability of firms to enter and exit a market over time means that, in the long run, a. the demand curve is more elastic. b. the demand curve is less elastic.
  2. the supply curve is more elastic. d. the supply curve is less elastic.



  1. An increase in the supply of a good will decrease the total revenue producers receive if a. the demand curve is inelastic. b. the demand curve is elastic.
  2. the supply curve is inelastic. d. the supply curve is elastic.



  1. Over time, technological advance increases consumers’ incomes and reduces the price of smartphones. Each of these forces increases the amount consumers spend on smartphones if the income elasticity of demand

is greater than ________ and if the price elasticity of demand is greater than ________. a. zero, zero b. zero, one

  1. one, zero d. one, one





  1. When the government imposes a binding price floor, it causes
  2. the supply curve to shift to the left. b. the demand curve to shift to the right. c. a shortage of the good to develop. d. a surplus of the good to develop.



  1. In a market with a binding price ceiling, an increase in the ceiling will ________ the quantity supplied, ________ the quantity demanded, and reduce the ________.
  2. increase, decrease, surplus b. decrease, increase, surplus c. increase, decrease, shortage d. decrease, increase, shortage



  1. A $1 per unit tax levied on consumers of a good is equivalent to
  2. a $1 per unit tax levied on producers of the good. b. a $1 per unit subsidy paid to producers of the good. c. a price floor that raises the good’s price by

$1 per unit. d. a price ceiling that raises the good’s price by

$1 per unit.



  1. Which of the following would increase quantity supplied, decrease quantity demanded, and increase the price that consumers pay? a. the imposition of a binding price floor b. the removal of a binding price floor c. the passage of a tax levied on producers d. the repeal of a tax levied on producers



  1. Which of the following would increase quantity supplied, increase quantity demanded, and decrease the price that consumers pay? a. the imposition of a binding price floor b. the removal of a binding price floor c. the passage of a tax levied on producers d. the repeal of a tax levied on producers



  1. When a good is taxed, the burden of the tax falls mainly on consumers if a. the tax is levied on consumers. b. the tax is levied on producers.
  2. supply is inelastic, and demand is elastic. d. supply is elastic, and demand is inelastic.

English homework help

Your task is to write a thoughtful, carefully-argued paper in response to one of the following prompts.

1. Discuss the challenges Rifaat’s story “My World of the Unknown” poses for its audience. What sorts of background information might Western readers need to make sense of the story? Are there ways in which the story challenges Muslim attitudes about women, sexuality, etc.?


2. Discuss Rushdie’s treatment of identity in “Chekov and Zulu.” In what ways are the main characters torn between East and West? (Hint: You may find it useful to learn about the term “hybridity” as it appears in post-colonial studies.) How do tORhey resolve this conflict?


3. Can we read “TV People” as a story about Westernization? If so, what point does it make? (Hint: you may want to think about the manner of the story, and not just its matter. Why do people often call Murakami Kafkaesque?)