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Comparative study of Apple and Samsung in the same area (Please analyze apple and Samsung in the field of mobile phone design and business model. Compare the two companies from start to finish. Focus on the differences and similarities between the two companies. SWOT, types of innovation, innovation and the technology s-curve are used in the overall structure of the article to highlight the similarities and differences, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Summarize the whole article.)with regard to their innovation activity • Analyze the similarities and differences in light of what you learned in the class • Show how two companies operate differently(innovation-wise) in a similar environment • Use references • Wikipedia is NOT a valid source

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Phoenix Fine Electronics would like more information about their system options and your recommendation. They are interested in learning how the strengths of the system can be turned into measurable values for the business upon implementation.

Modify the chart from the Week 2 assignment by adding the following:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of each system
  • The impact of the strength and weakness

Cite at least two sources in the additional columns in your chart

Write a business case for your recommendation. This business case will be revisited in Week 6. As a guideline, this section of the business case should be approximately 3 to 4 pages in length. Use the information from your executive summary and add the following information:

  • At least three measurable organizational values the new system will bring
  • The benefits of the value to the business
  • How these values will differentiate the business to customers
  • Risks of doing the project
  • Risks of not doing the project
  • The modified comparison chart (from above)
  • References

MOD006887 International Operations Management

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 1 of 10
Case materials:
Pálinka International Unlimited
Assignment deadline: TBA

Assignment: 011 Group coursework: operations consultancy
simulation and report
MOD006887 International Operations Management

Module leader: Tom Farnsworth
Semester/Trimester: Tri 1
Academic year: 2019-20
MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 2 of 10
(0) Background
Pálinka is a traditional alcoholic beverage produced in Eastern Europe, principally Hungary
and Romania. It is distilled from fermented soft fruits – there is a common saying in Hungary
that, if you can make jam or conserve from it, you can make pálinka with it.
Pálinka International Unlimited (PIU) is a small distillery based in Kent, UK. It was established
eighteen months ago by two entrepreneurs, Erzsébet Nagy and Dacian Iridescu. They had
identified an opportunity to distil and supply pálinka to the sizeable diaspora populations of
Hungarians and Romanians in the UK, on three grounds:
§ The likely Brexit restrictions to be placed on freedom of movement between the
European Union and the UK would make it more difficult for visiting family members to
bring home-distilled pálinka to relatives living in the UK;
§ The likely increase in tariffs accompanying the UK’s exit from the European Union free
trade area would make formal importation of pálinka much less commercially
§ Owing to the undeveloped market for fruit spirits in the UK, much of the soft fruit grown
in Kent below market grade or conserve grade, is simply turned into animal feed or
compost rather than being fermented and distilled.
After eighteen months of trading, the optimism of PIU’s founders about the commercial viability
of a UK-based pálinka distillery has largely been justified. The fruit growers’ co-operatives in
Kent are only too delighted to sell their utility-grade stone fruits to PIU, because they get a
better price from PIU than they would from animal feed manufacturers. The quality of the PIU
product and the efficiency of its distribution channels have won many retail and wholesale
In fact, sales have increased considerably to the point at which the capacity of the operation
must be increased; specifically:
§ a second pot still was installed and brought on line three weeks ago;
§ a climate-controlled warehouse extension has been built to improve inbound logistics;
§ new marketing channels have been established;
§ new staff members have joined the production team;
§ a new distribution centre is needed to cope with the volume of sales.
Unfortunately, all of these novel developments are causing problems. The day-to-day running
of the PIU operation is handled by Erzsébet, and she has her hands full training the new staff
and supervising production and outbound logistics. Dacian is the salesman and needs to be
on the road visiting account customers and signing new business. They agree that a little extra
investment in operations management consultancy is justified, and they call in your team to

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 3 of 10
(1) The strange case of Still no.2
From: Nagy, Erzsébet <>
Subject: URGENT: fusel alcohols from Still #2
Date: 23 September 2019 at 14:20
To: PIU Quality Team <>
Hi all
I am very concerned by some of the readings for fusel alcohols arising from the second
distillations using the new still. As you know, we need SOME fusel alcohols in the
középpárlat [middle cut] for flavour and mouthfeel in the finished spirit, but some of the
readings seem crazy variable by comparison with Still #1.
Still #2 has been running since the beginning of the month, including 4 September when the
gas supply was interrupted by those idiot builders up the road and we had to restart the
burners. I attach the readings for parts per million of amyl alcohol, which as you know should
be between 10ppm and 30ppm.
I know you are busy with packaging inspections, but there are now three of you, so please
could you find time to check whether we need to take further action over this possible quality
[Should show in control except for 4
th which is special cause]
MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 4 of 10
(2) Warehouse wisdom
From: Nagy, Erzsébet <>
Subject: Results from infrared thermometer gauge testing
Date: 23 September 2019 at 17:52
To: PIU Inbound Logistics <>
Dear Adam and Jill
Tunbridge Instruments have finished their analyses of the new infrared thermometers you
have been testing. As you know, we will get a discount on these and the other instruments
for the new climate-controlled warehouse in exchange for testing prototypes 1, 21, 38 and
I attach the results of the Gauge R&R and ANOVA output from their analysis. It looks pretty
good to me. I am out of the office tomorrow but the operations consultants from ARUL will be
here and they can explain the results.

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 5 of 10
MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 6 of 10
(3) Lean on me (when you’re not strong)
From: Nagy, Erzsébet <>
Subject: Making better use of our space!
Date: 23 September 2019 at 19:36
To: PIU Inbound Logistics <>
Dear all
While I am away tomorrow the consultants from ARUL will be looking at the efficiency of our
operation in terms of how we use our space and where our equipment is set up, so don’t be
alarmed by strangers with clipboards wandering about.
It occurred to me that, now we have the new still and the climate controlled warehouse
room, we could probably make things more efficient in terms of the way our equipment is
arranged. We can’t move the stills, the chillers, or the mains water supply, but we can move
anything else if we need to.
Inbound logistics
Inspection (pre storage)
Inspection (post storage)
First distillation (Still #1)
Second distillation (Still #2)
Cooling (heat exchanger)
Outbound logistics
Picking and packing
Palleting (large loads)
Please see below for a floorplan of the unit. I have only included the transforming resources
which cannot be physically moved (i.e. the climate-controlled warehouse, the pot stills, and
the mains water supply).

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 7 of 10
MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 8 of 10
(4) How to get ahead in advertising
From: Iridescu, Dacian <>
Subject: Cost v benefits – marketing B2B and B2C
Date: 25 September 2019 at 10:40
Nagy, Erzsébet <>
Hi Erzsi
I’m just looking at the sales figures for the last seven quarters in comparison with our
marketing spend, and also at the number of visits I’ve made to each wholesaler in
comparison with their average monthly orders. I want to know how effective our marketing
activities have been: overall, and in terms of whether we should focus on B2C or B2B
markets. Eight wholesalers is a lot to manage, you know? Especially given the lower
Can you ask those eggheads from ARUL to run some kind of analysis?

held with
12 9 7 6 4 3 2 2
A/c spend
per month
5,770 6,120 5,730 5,460 6,470 5,530 5,220 5,410


Social media
advertising spend (£)
B2C sales (£ 000)
2,200 230
1,800 193
3,300 400
1,500 160
2,900 220
1,800 670
4,300 845

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 9 of 10
(5) Defying gravity?
From: Nagy, Erzsébet <>
Subject: New distribution centre, PIU Ltd
Date: 30 September 2019 at 09:12
Lywood, Henry <>
Dear Henry
Further to our recent initial discussion about possible sites for our new distribution centre,
please find below some additional information about our existing sites. As you know, space
for outbound logistics is at a premium in our production facility now that we have added the
second pot still and the climate-controlled warehouse.
Our three most significant wholesalers are all located around the M25, in Rickmansworth,
Cheshunt and Orpington:

MOD006887 International Operations Management. Case materials for Assignment 011, Tri 1 2019-20 10 of 10
The grid location and pallets processed per month for the three existing locations are given
in the table below:

Facility Cx Cy Pallets/month
Rickmansworth 1.5 83.0 45
Cheshunt 63.5 95.0 32
Orpington 80.5 22.0 19

What we need to know as a matter of urgency, is the ideal location for a fourth distributor.
Thanks very much for your initial research and the identification of potential sites in Watford,
South Croydon and Mitcham.
We have some MBA students from ARU London working with us at the moment doing some
operations consultancy; I will ask them if they can work out which of these three potential
sites would be optimal considering the volume of business we are doing at the existing
Kind regards

Assessment 2

Assessment Instructions


Read Assessment 2 Context (linked in the Resources) to learn about the concepts used in this assessment. This assessment contains two parts. Follow the instructions provided for each part. Submit both parts of your assessment as Word documents.

Part 1: Interpreting Correlations

A meta-analysis (Anderson & Bushman, 2001) reported that the average correlation between time spent playing video games (X) and engaging in aggressive behavior (Y) in a set of 21 well-controlled experimental studies was r+ = .19. This correlation was judged to be statistically significant. In your own words, what can you say about the nature of the relationship? Write a one-page response to this question.

Part 2: Correlations

You will use the following resources for this assessment. They are linked in the Resources.

  1. Complete this part of the assessment using the DAA Template.
  2. Read the SPSS Data Analysis Report Guidelines for a more complete understanding of the DAA Template and how to format and organize your assessment.
  3. Refer to IBM SPSS Step-By-Step Instructions: Correlations for additional information on using SPSS for this assessment.
  4. If necessary, review the Copy/Export Output Instructions to refresh your memory on how to perform these tasks. As with your previous two assessments, your submission should be narrative with supporting statistical output (table and graphs) integrated into the narrative in the appropriate place (not all at the end of the document).

You will analyze the following variables in the grades.sav data set:

  • gender.
  • gpa.
  • total.
  • final.
Step 1: Write Section 1 of the DAA

Provide a context of the grades.sav data set. Include a definition of the specified variables and corresponding scales of measurement. Indicate the type of correlation for each X, Y pair (for example, Pearson’s r, Spearman’s r, point-biserial r, et cetera). Specify the sample size of the data set.

Step 2: Write Section 2 of the DAA

Test the assumptions of correlation for gpa and final. Paste the SPSS histogram output for each variable and discuss your visual interpretations. Paste SPSS descriptives output showing skewness and kurtosis values and interpret them. Paste SPSS scatter plot output with gpa set to the horizontal axis and final set to the vertical axis. Conduct a visual inspection of the scatter plot to analyze other assumptions of correlation. Summarize whether or not the assumptions of correlation are met.

Step 3: Write Section 3 of the DAA

Specify a research question related to gpa and final. Articulate the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Specify your alpha level.

Step 4: Write Section 4 of the DAA

Paste the SPSS output of the intercorrelation matrix for all specified variables.

  • First, report the lowest magnitude correlation in the intercorrelation matrix, including degrees of freedom, correlation coefficient, p value, and effect size. Interpret the effect size. Specify whether or not to reject the null hypothesis for this correlation.
  • Second, report the highest magnitude correlation in the intercorrelation matrix, including degrees of freedom, correlation coefficient, p value, and effect size. Interpret the effect size. Specify whether or not to reject the null hypothesis for this correlation.
  • Third, report the correlation between gpa and final, including degrees of freedom, correlation coefficient, p value, and effect size. Interpret the effect size. Analyze the correlation in terms of the null hypothesis.
Step 5: Write Section 5 of the DAA

Discuss the implications of this correlation as it relates to the research question. Conclude with an analysis of the strengths and limitations of correlational analysis.


Anderson, C. A., & Bushman, B. J. (2001). Effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, physiological arousal, and prosocial behavior: A meta-analytic review of the scientific literature. Psychological Science12(5), 353–359.


APA Resources

Because this is a psychology course, you need to format this assessment according to APA guidelines. Additional resources about APA can be found in the Research Resources in the courseroom navigation menu. Use the resources to guide your work.

  • American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Required Resources

The following resources are required to complete the assessment.

Data Set Instructions

These are the same instructions provided in Assessment 1.

Assessment Template and Output Instructions


As you prepare to complete this assessment, you may want to think about other related issues to deepen your understanding or broaden your viewpoint. You are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community. Note that these questions are for your own development and exploration and do not need to be completed or submitted as part of your assessment.


  • Correlation versus causation:
    • If correlation does not imply causation, what does it imply?
    • Are there ever any circumstances when a correlation can be interpreted as evidence for a causal connection between two variables?
    • If yes, what circumstances?
  • Application of correlation:
    • Is there a research question from your professional life or career specialization that can be addressed by a correlation?
    • Why would a correlation be the appropriate analysis for this research question?
    • What are the variables and their scale of measurement?
    • What is the expected outcome (positive, negative, no relationship)?

Corporate Finance Essay

Read the following 4 Economist articles (attached)

(i) ‘Debt is Good for You’ (dated 01/25/2001)

(ii)‘Debtors’ Prison’ (dated 02/09/2009), which discuss the reasons for corporations’ increased use of debt financing, and subsequent concerns about excess borrowing.

(iii) ‘The Gods Strike Back’ (dated 02/13/2010), read pages 1 to 4 only.

(iv) ‘The world has not learned the lessons of the (2008) financial crisis’ (dated


Summarize and synthesize, the contents of the articles, and conclude with an opinion on how the information you have read would affect your capital structure decisions as a financial manager (i.e. would you use less or more or less debt than suggested by the MM and Trade-off (static) models of capital structure), and why. Include a justified assessment of how you think the recently implemented corporate tax rate reduction would impact your capital structure decisions.


1) double spaced, font :Time new roman, size 11

2) 3-4 pages

3) 0% plagiarism

Strategic Goal Controlling And Executive Summary

Company: Intel

Please review attachments and tie them into this executive summary

As you’ve learned this week, the control process is essential to the achievement of goals. It allows a business to track their progress, make adjustments, and stay on schedule for what they’re trying to achieve. Your chosen goal from the strategic management project needs these same types of controls. This course project assignment will task you with creating a detailed control process for that goal. Think through all of the departments that might be involved in the completion of the goals and how they’ll need to be tracked. The course content from this week can be very useful in providing details on strategies and ideas for control processes. Some additional research will also prove useful. This is part 1 of this week’s assignment and should be at least two pages in length and complete the following:

  • Identify      four separate strategies that you will use to control your strategic goal.
  • For      each strategy:
    • Identify       which aspect or metric of the goal they’re controlling.
    • Explain       the reasoning and value behind the control choice.
    • Identify       the control as feed forward, concurrent, or feedback.

As an example, if my goal is to “decrease the amount of defective parts made on my assembly line by 5%”, I could control it through regular maintenance checks (feed forward), thorough employee training on the machines (feed forward), and a software system that monitors production while it’s happening and can print off detailed reports after work is completed (concurrent and feedback). You will need to go into much more detail on the structure, process, and purpose of your control methods, but this should give you a good idea of how to complete this assignment. Really think through how you’ll keep up to speed with company progress on your strategic management goal.

Before you submit the final version of your Strategic Management Plan, the last piece you need to create is an Executive Summary. This is part 2 of this week’s assignment and should be the first page in the final version of your plan next week. It’s meant to be something that an executive could quickly read in order to get a basic understanding of the overall strategic management plan. Due to its purpose, the executive summary should be a thorough and concise summary clearly depicting the content of the plan. Give an overview of the goal you’re trying to accomplish, any major findings in your research, the reasoning behind the goal, and any major obstacles you foresee. It should be treated as a document ready to be turned into an executive director, board of advisors, investor, etc. Therefore, format and style (presentation) is very important.

Public Policy Issues

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

From a policy standpoint is it better for judges to be elected or appointed?

Give reasons for your answer.

Complete the

Select one of the following topics:


Drug legislation

Three-strikes sentencing

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing how each branch of the government participates in your selected policy.

Include information from the Criminal Justice Policy-Making Matrix in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guideline

Follow the Rubric & include the Making Matrix in the paper