Conducting The Research: Achievability

APA format (12pt times new roman, double spaced, no spacing between paragraphs)

300 words minimum

minimum of 2 peer reviewed resources

Topic:  A study to determine the factors that leads to people with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy cases have increased chances of involving in violent or criminal behaviors in the community


Conducting the Research: Achievability

Discuss obstacles that could potentially hinder the achievability of studying your research problem; that is, factors that might create barriers to accessing, collecting, analyzing and/or reporting data on the problem. For instance, colleagues may be uncooperative or unwilling to participate, the police chief may feel the problem is too sensitive or that the problem does not really exist, etc. There may be barriers to obtaining access to the necessary data. Explain how these barriers could impact the validity and reliability of your proposed study.

Changing Role Of Global Human Capital Managers & Sustaining The Competitive Edge

Part 2:

You and Shawn are now ready to meet with John and AGC’s investor group. Shawn calls to check in with you about the executive report. You need to add one more section of information that will help ensure that AGC remains proactive and competitive in a quickly changing global environment. You have enjoyed working with Shawn on the change management project and know that you will soon have fond memories of helping AGC be more aware of the value of human capital.

Add your words to the executive report that addresses the following:

  • Now that the change management plan has been completed, describe AGC’s new leadership styles and organizational culture.
  • Are there any potential internal or external threats that AGC should be prepared to address in its business environment?
  • How can AGC detect these potential internal and external threats?
  • What are some methods that AGC can use to protect the organization from these internal and external threats?

Website Creation

Use what you have learned in the previous assignment and create a three page web page project. The content of your website should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and utilize modified tables for organization. The topic of your web pages will be about you and your journey through the course to this point. Get creative and add things about yourself, things you like, some of the work you have created during the course. Think of this as a way to show off and toot your own horn. The minimum requirements are listed below.

  • There must be a home page and at least two other linked pages that you have created in Word. I must be able to navigate between all three pages by only selecting the links.
  • There must be links to at least one each of:
    • a document file
    • an image file
    • a video or audio file
    • an external web site
    • email address contact
  • Copy and paste your source code for the home page only into a new document and include it with your folder submission.

Compress your completed project folder into a zip file and upload the zip file to the assignment link above (Web Page Assessment).

Analysis on why and how cash management is important in financial management. 



Please write an essay on one of the two topics below. Your essay should start with an outline, and either MLA or APA style is fine. Using a public company with real financial data to help with your analysis is highly preferred. Three correct citations are required.

Topic 1:  Analysis on why and how cash management is important in financial management.

Topic 2: Analysis on how exchange rate risk plays a role in international trade.

Length: 8-10 pages with double spacing and font size of 11. 

Communication Technology

Mass 200
Medgar Evers College of
The City University of New York
Jonathan Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor of Digital Media &
Communication Technology
Research Paper: due (uploaded in Blackboard as a PDF only) by Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM
Write a short (2 page/500 words minimum) research paper on a digital technology that you either already use, or that
you plan to use in your field of choice (e.g. videography, audio recording, performance).
Based on your research, the paper should identify and briefly explain the following about the technology in question:
1) Its historical development
2) How it works as a
digital technology
3) How and why it is used within your field
4) How you imagine the technology evolving in the future

Proficient Competent Needs Improvement
Research data (40 pts) Presents a clear and
relevant description,
including historical
development, digital
functionality, and use
within the field, and
other significant
aspects that help to
provide a complete
picture of the
technology. (40 pts)
Presents a clear and
relevant description,
including historical
development, digital
functionality, and use
within the field, but
does not provide a
complete picture of the
technology. (30 pts)
Attempts to describe
some aspects of the
technology, but does
not touch upon
sufficient details. (20
Relationship to
Coursework (40 pts)
Demonstrates critical
thinking and originality
throughout work.
Expertly connects
experience to
classwork and course
materials, including
terminology. (40 pts)
Demonstrates some
critical thinking.
Connects experience
to classwork or course
materials. (30 pts)
Lacks critical thinking.
Makes no appropriate
connection to
classwork or course
materials. (20 pts)
Format (20 pts)
No grammatical or
spelling errors exist.
Document is easy to
read. Format is
paragraph form,
double spaced, 12pt
font, 1 inch margins
and text is at least 2
pages (500 words)
plus bibliography or
works cited. (20 pts)
Some grammatical or
spelling errors exist,
but do not interfere
with reading. Format is
paragraph form,
double spaced, 12pt
font, 1 inch margins
and text is at least 2
pages (500 words)
plus bibliography or
works cited. (15 pts)
Grammatical and
spelling errors interfere
with reading. Format is
incorrect or text is too
short. (10 pts)

Use 2 to 3 sources total with 1 source being your class text (Winston).
Total = 100 pts (towards 10% of your “Projects”)

Computer Science homework help

Assignment Content

  1. Once a user is authenticated in an organization’s network, that user is authorized to access certain data based on the information security principle of least privilege.

    Your CEO and CIO need options for the organization’s authentication and authorization methodologies. Recommendations should include how to mitigate the impact and risks from vulnerabilities.

    Create an 9- to 11-slide, media-rich presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint® for the organization you chose in Week 1, and ensure you provide:

    • Descriptions of at least 3 roles employed in the organization you chose in Week 1
    • Descriptions of at least 3 common attacks against access control methods, including the password policy vulnerability as described in the vulnerability report
    • Countermeasures to reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate potential attacks on access control methods

Note: A media-rich presentation should include multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Applied Sciences homework help

Comparative study of Apple and Samsung in the same area (Please analyze apple and Samsung in the field of mobile phone design and business model. Compare the two companies from start to finish. Focus on the differences and similarities between the two companies. SWOT, types of innovation, innovation and the technology s-curve are used in the overall structure of the article to highlight the similarities and differences, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Summarize the whole article.)with regard to their innovation activity • Analyze the similarities and differences in light of what you learned in the class • Show how two companies operate differently(innovation-wise) in a similar environment • Use references • Wikipedia is NOT a valid source