Long Term Care Assignment

Include the following information in your report:

  • What are the chronic illness trends of each country?
  • What is the incidence and prevalence of elderly consumers of long-term care in the United States as compared to your chosen developing country?
  • How does each country expect these numbers to change in the next ten years?
  • What are the main characteristics of the elderly population in both the countries? Is there any difference in the long-term health care needs of consumers in both the countries? Provide a rationale for your answer.
  • Who are the institutional and non-institutional caregivers in both the countries? Support your answer with relevant examples. Explain the factors that affect care giving in each country.
  • Is there any difference in the status of quality of care of the elderly consumers in the United States as compared to the developing country?
  • Is there any difference in the health care cost provided in the United States as compared to the developing country? Define any social support that may exist to cover health care in both countries.


Assignment 2 Anthropology

Read the assignment instructions I have posted.

2. Read the citations and grading rubric I have posted.

3. Reading1 and Reading 2 and Reading 3 must all be read.

4. Watch the video that I have posted in the word document .

5. Reading 1 and Reading 2 and Reading 3 must all be reading all the readings and watching the video.

6. The answer to these questions should be linked together to form an essay,  Your essay should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced and printed on paper. 7.When you refer material in the reading, cite the page number where the material was taken (for example Savage 2001:103) in the text.


Excel Analysis Asiignment

I have uploaded the rubric please read it.

2.I have uploaded the excel anlysis instructions as well so please read them.

2.I have uploded the required data points to solve and complete the following :

Your Deliverable:

· Write up your findings in a Word Document with Executive Summary (no more than 900) that answers your boss’ questions. Use screen clippings of the analysis you did in Excel as evidence to support your conclusions (75%).

· Also submit your Excel workbook that shows your calculations, charts, figures, tables, etc. (25%).

· At this point, you should be very comfortable with some of the analytical tools within Excel, and this is an opportunity to show that. Be sure to follow the guidelines set in the BA 325 Information Literacy Assessment Rubric (You may use any font size/style/paragraph spacing/line spacing that you are comfortable with).

Ancient History

Aristotelianism: The Naturalistic Worldview

Identify the ways in which Aristotle’s philosophy has impacted history and society.

Which of the following is a way in which Aristotle impacted history and society?



He is considered to be the first moral philosopher because he sought to answer questions about what is right and wrong.


He formalized the study of logic, and established precise rules to determine the validity of an argument.


He was the first philosopher to discover scientific knowledge that is still considered to be true.


He created harmony between science and religion by acknowledging the existence of certain unexplainable mysteries.


Aristotle’s Highest Good

Identify the central tenets of Aristotle’s ethics.

 Select the statement that represents a central tenet of Aristotle’s ethics.


The virtuous man will be honest at all times, no matter the consequences to himself and others.


The virtuous man will nurture rational honestly.


The virtuous man will be honest when it is of benefit to him.


The virtuous man will act honestly only in public.

Applying Aristotle’s Ethics

Apply the central tenets of Aristotle’s ethics.

Casey is nervous about his upcoming camping trip because he’s afraid of spiders.

According to Aristotle’s ethical tenets, what should Casey do to deal with his fear of spiders?



Casey should immediately squash any spiders he sees.


Casey should avoid spiders completely.


Casey should learn to remain calm in the presence of spiders.


Casey should determine what kind of a thing a spider is.

Stoicism: The Ethics of Dispassion

Identify, and apply, the central tenets of Stoic ethics.



Stoicism was a school of philosophy that flourished in ancient Rome.Select the example that represents one of the central tenets of Stoicism.



Ali wishes that she had been an only child, so that she would have received more attention from her parents.


Eliza chooses a medical treatment that will prolong her life, alhtough it may leave her unable to live well.


Kendra works hard because she wants to own the largest house in her neighborhood and drive a fancy car.


Shara decides that she will no longer get angry when customers fail to tip her.


Philosophical Analysis as a Way of Life

Apply philosophical approaches to real-world situations.



Barbara believes that committing violence against another human being is morally and ethically wrong.


All of the following statements describe Barbara living philosophically EXCEPT ___________?



“Turning the other cheek is the best way to defeat your enemies.”


“Spanking is never an appropriate punishment for a child, even when he or she disobeys.”


“Declaring war on another country is not the right way to settle disagreements between nations. It only breeds further resentment.”


”It’s acceptable to fight back as long as you’re not the one who throws the first punch.”

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Policy Writing

Write a Policy On Oklahoma department of Human Service. In APA format. Remember you should be following the policy writing guide in Public Policy Writing.

Make sure you have:

  • Title
  • Executive summary
  • Set the stage in opening paragraphs
  • Background
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • recommendations.
  • A original paper with no plagarism. Paper should worth A+ grade
  • Minimum of 4 pages.
  • 4-5 referances.

China Ancient Four Inventions-Gun Power

Theme: Gunpower

You are each responsible for an essay, 3 pages in length, discussing in more-depth your questions, how you answered them, your engagement with the themes on which your group focused, and how the poster conveys this information. Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, and page-numbered, with 1-inch margins.