PSY 3140, Social Psychology 2

In this assignment, you will assess how your attitudes and behaviors connect in order to understand how cognitive dissonance as a cognitive process can influence the way you think and what attitudes you hold. This assignment is divided into three parts, so it is suggested that you begin working on it in advance.

PSY 3140, Social Psychology 2

Part I: Pick a debatable issue that you think is important to address in society today (e.g., universal healthcare). Write a paragraph discussing why you care about and agree with the importance of this issue, and why others should care about this issue as well. Allow one day before moving on to the next part. Part II: Make sure at least one day has passed since writing the first paragraph. Now, write another paragraph detailing what you personally do to promote this viewpoint. What actions do you take to support this cause? How have you specifically contributed to promoting this issue in the recent past? You will include both of these paragraphs in your essay. Part III: To complete your essay, identify your chosen topic in an introductory section and include your paragraphs from Parts I and II. Then, reflect on your previous responses by addressing the following points. a. Discuss the differences between your arguments from the first paragraph (in which you show the importance of the topic) and the second paragraph (in which you discuss how you personally act on your viewpoint). Are your attitudes about the importance of the issue reflected in your behaviors (i.e., is there dissonance between your attitudes and your behaviors)? How do you feel about the level of dissonance between your attitudes and behaviors? b. Elaborate on whether you think that your opinion of the importance of this topic has changed, particularly thinking about your initial thoughts on the topic before you wrote either paragraph. c. Briefly describe how experiencing cognitive dissonance about a debatable issue may make a person more susceptible to social influence, such as conformity, from others who hold opposing opinions. Throughout your discussion, incorporate research on cognitive dissonance from your textbook or another resource to support your claims. Your response should be at least two pages in length, and you must use at least two sources as references

Computer Systems and Algorithms



  1. Title: Computer Systems and Algorithms


Please see p. 3 of this document for report instructions.



  1. Structure:


Your report should have the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • Task One
  • Task Two
  • Task Three
  • Conclusion
  • List of References (APA style)



  1. Word Count:

The word count is 1500.  Refer to the Module Handbook for guidelines on word counts. Please note that writing/code in screenshots does not count towards the final word count.


  1. Specifications:

As stated in the Module Handbook, the report format should comprise the following:

  • Include a title page with your assessment number, title of your work, word count, module title and code and name of module tutor.
  • Include a footer and header with student assessment number, module title and code.
  • Word-processed work must use:
    • 5-line spacing
    • Arial (Body) font style
    • Font size 12
    • Standard margins
  • All references should be constructed using the APA referencing system. APA Reference Guide and Information can be found here:
  • It is expected that your writing will conform to Standard English in terms of spelling, syntax and grammar.
  • Use impersonal academic style, e.g., avoid using the first person such as I, me and in my opinion.
  1. Learning outcomes assessed:


LO4: Develop a basic understanding of key algorithms used for sorting and searching, and to assess their computational complexity. This will include an introduction to formal languages used to describe algorithms.


LO5: Understand key web technologies such as website creation and hosting, with an introduction to using HTML & CSS. This will also include an introduction to networking and various protocols used to transport data around networks.


LO6: Understand Boolean Logic and its uses in Computing. This will include logic gates within computer systems and their role in performing logical operations and will also include Boolean algebra.







  1. Submission procedure


The assignment must be submitted electronically to the assigned Turnitin submission inbox on the Moodle module page via the University of Chester Portal before 1pm on the day that it is due.


Any late submissions will result in a 5 mark deduction per 24 hours (or part thereof).


Submissions must consist of .pdf or Word (.doc or .docx) files, or PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) for presentations. If you have problems uploading, it is advised that you save the final piece as a .pdf and submit the .pdf to Turnitin.


Submissions in the wrong file type will not be processed or marked. If Turnitin does not accept your submission because it is the wrong file type, this will not be an acceptable reason for mitigation (Section 7.3 of the Assessment Regulations).


























You are a technical intern at a large web-based organisation that provides a popular search engine, web hosting and cloud storage solutions. Part of your role is to advise management on the technical side of the organisation, and suggest improvements that could improve efficiency.

Task 1: Key Algorithms and complexity L04

The organisation returns search results in an unordered fashion, and they would like to provide a function which automatically sorts the website names alphabetically.


Your task is to choose four sorting algorithms, and then decide on one which is the most efficient. You should discuss how they sort data, their time and space complexity and provide a step-by-step run through of how an unordered array of strings is sorted by the algorithm.

You should use an array of 16 unordered strings to test your algorithm, and use the same strings for each algorithm. You should refer to published research throughout.


Task 2:  Website technologies and HTML L05

The organisation wants to provide a simple web page to explain the new sorting feature which sorts search results alphabetically. Your task is to design a simple webpage using HTML and CSS. The webpage should have a clean design, with appropriate text and colours, and use a wide variety of tags and features to show your HTML and CSS fluency.

You may choose a fictional organisation name for the purposes of this task. You need to provide evidence of your code, and evidence of the finished webpage.

Evidence must be submitted in the form of screenshots attached to your coursework. Do not directly copy code into your report.

Task 3: Boolean Logic L06


You have also been asked to prepare a small report for new members of the technical team on the topic of logic gates in computer systems; they are interested in how logic gates can be used in sequence to create new circuits.


Show how the logic gates ‘XOR’, ‘XNOR’ and ‘NAND’ can be created by combining the logic gates ‘AND’, ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’. You should provide a visual diagram and explanation for each new circuit to justify your design. You may also Boolean algebra to back up your argument



Management homework help

For the fifth section of your Term Project you are to write a 3 page paper, APA formatted.  The paper will include an effective Introduction and Conclusion.   It will also include proper headings and titles per APA guidelines.


Section V of your paper will address the following material for learning.


A system thinking perspective looks for certain patterns of structure that recur again and again. Senge refers to these patterns as “systems archetypes”.  Senge has identified eight system archetypes that occur across a broad spectrum of life, including biology, economics, political science, family therapy and management.  Senge argues that mastering the system archetypes puts an organization on the path of system thinking.


When you think about your company what are 3 of the most common system archetypes that you experience.   Identify each archetype, define it and describe how you’ve experienced it.  Also, discuss what potential solutions to stop this pattern from reoccurring and what the outcome would be if this archetype no longer existed.

Operations Management homework help

Write and develop an APA formatted paper (2-3 pages in length) that includes:

1. Introduction to the topic

2. A description of a situation resulting from a non-existent or poorly implemented process in your work environment (past or present).

3. An explanation of how you might be able to become a better leader by improving the process (or processes).

4. States what kinds of risk-taking and experiments might you be able to undertake

5. What the tradeoffs and potential benefits are

6. Describes the planning required to lead the proposed process change (can refer to Kotter’s/Lewin’s models).

7. States how will you build commitment within the organization for the proposed change

8. Conclusion

9. References page (At least 6 peer-reviewed article)

Please use the template to write the paper.

I also attached my answer of the discussion question which is related to the paper. Please use the content of the discussion as your reference writing the paper.

Please also include the article that I used for the discussion question to the paper.

Biology homework help

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Write 2-page paper, double-spaced, about your experience. How does it relate to this class? What did you learn? How did it make you feel? • Include proof (tickets, photos, paperwork, screenshot, etc.)  Due 2/13

Nursing homework help

This week’s lesson and graded assignment are opportunities for you to evaluate your own competencies in order to better understand nursing informatics and enhance your knowledge and skills. Competency assessment is an on-going process. You might be quick to assume that your competencies will always increase. Be mindful of barriers and challenges as you reflect on this topic. As you progress in this course, in the program, and beyond, how might you expect your competencies to evolve? Provide a brief response (100 words or less)