Discussion And Assignment

Discussion 1  150 words


Identify at least two strategies to leverage public health funding mechanisms.


Discussion 2 150 words

What do you see as your professional strengths? What are some areas for further education , training, or practice? How would you describe your leadership abilities? What leadership traits do you feel you may need to further refine?



Financial Planning Skills

In a 3- to 5- page paper, review Funk, Kennedy, & Hefferon (2017) and compare current perspectives on the costs and benefits of public health. Be sure to include current, credible literature to support your work and properly cite all sources per APA formatting guidelines.

Funk, C., Kennedy, B., & Hefferon, M. (2017, February 2). Americans’ views about public health and health studies in the news. Retrieved from http://www.pewinternet.org/2017/02/02/americans-views-about-public-health-and-health-studies-in-the-news/.