Identify A Societal/Global Issue That Blockchain Technology Seeks To Improve.

  1. escribe the issue in detail. Examples of topics that we have discussed in class include things like distributing humanitarian relief, global payments and remittances, supply chain provenance (prescription medications, coffee beans etc), medical records, sovereign identity, banking, finance ….. Pick a topic that is interesting to you. There are many out there, including this pandemic. (2-4 pages)
  2. Describe how the problem has traditionally been addressed outside of blockchain. For example is you chose remittances you would have to explain (prior to blockchain) how payments are made across borders. Point out some of the problems with the existing way the issue is being dealt with. (2-4 pages)
  3. Identify a project or team that is using blockchain to address the problem and fully describe the way in which blockchain technology improves outcomes associated with your issue. (2-4 pages)