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Do all parts separately – separate papers


Part1 – apa style cover and reference needed.
technology innvoations. Those innovations include things like computer programming (robotics), or computational thinking, online learning (as we are now doing worldwide!), MOOC’s (Massive open online courses), virtual environments, games and gamefication, personalized learning systems, and technologies for students with learning needs.  Here is your assignment for this week.  Pick one of the above and tell why you think it has the most potential for the future, and then how you would/could use it in your career. (1 and half pages)

Part2- apa style 2 pages cover and reference page needed
submit an essay 2 pages discussing integrating the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised into data-driven instruction planning for an online course.

readings on the topic of Bloom’s Taxonomy, you will be able to apply what they’ve read by detecting instances of Bloom’s Taxonomy as students observe an instructor through video discussing their online course instructional practices. you will use an online discussion forum to communicate and discuss with other students what they have detected.

QUestions to address in your essay

1) Which learner level categories of Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating) do you believe the instructor is attempting to address given this learning objective?  Please do not just list the  categories but provide specific reasons for your choices.

2) Given the categories you’ve identified in #1, do you believe it is possible for students to successfully reach the learner category level given the confines of the learning objective?  For example, if you selected Remembering as one of your categories in #1, does use of the posted resources and the discussion forum support student attainment of ‘Remembering’ the taxonomies?  Why or Why not?  If not, what revisions or suggestions would you propose?  Please respond relative to each of the categories you’ve specified in #1.

3) Given the data-driven instruction decision making learning process presented in attached pdfs, which stage of this process do you believe would be most challenging to  implement for an online instructor interested in integrating Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised learning level category objectives for students? Be specific and choose at least 1 of the Bloom Taxonomy categories and at least 1 data driven instruction decision making process step to present your perspective around.

Part3- apa no cover or reference – half pages

1) Relate ONE category of Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating) to one of the ideas presented by Dr. Norvig regarding either his course, instructional practices, or student observed behaviors.  Please be specific in your post when referencing the video and with which Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised category you are discussing.

2) Discuss your thoughts on how what you’ve references in #1 above, can be applied in an online course setting.