Network Systems and Administration CIS114-6 (Block 4)

What am I required to do in this assignment? You are required to write a Research Review or commonly known as Survey Paper in the format of IEEE journal papers on a Networking related topic. Review/Survey papers simply compare the work done by others and/or highlight them for new researchers to use as their starting point for their research. It is recommended that you look for examples of Review/Survey papers on the LRC and IEEE Xplore digital libraries. A sample set of papers can also be found on BREO. Your research topic should be in one of the following areas: • Network security (any topic related to network security) • Internet of Everything Security • Consumer IoT devices security issues • UAV / Drones security issues • UAV / Drones digital forensics issues • V2x Technologies, Standards, Protocols, Security Issues (select a theme based on one of these V2x areas) • Cloud computing and networking • Migration to the cloud: Security concerns • Network virtualisation/containerisation Assignment Requirements 1. The title of your paper should be specific and not use the generic titles stated above (e.g. you should not select a title as ‘Network Security’). Use of a generic title will result in 5 marks being deducted.
Submission Deadline Marks and Feedback Before 10am on: 01/05/2020 20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7) 15 working days after deadline (L6) 10 working days after deadline (block delivery)

Unit title & code Network Systems and Administration CIS114-6 (Block 4) Assignment number and title Assignment 1 – Research Paper Assessment type WR-I (Written Report – Individual) Weighting of assessment 40% Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate deep and systematic understanding of system and networking concepts, including principles, technologies, and emerging trends. 2. Scientifically and critically analyse, implement and evaluate networking techniques, technologies, strategies and methodologies used in industry. Apply analytical and problem-solving skills in order to select and implement networking solutions appropriate to multiple organisational and environmental contexts.
2. Avoid using quoted text unless it is essential. Too many quoted pieces of text will result in marks deducted as it does not show your own work. All references used must be within the past 5 years and only use earlier ones if you are referring to a standard, original work start date, start of a theory, etc. All references must come from quality sources such as journals, and conferences. Some reputable websites may be used such as BBC News or other networking websites, e.g. IEEE, Cisco, etc. 3. Wikis, blogs, and similar websites are not accepted, and marks will be deducted for using them. Such sites do not have reliable content. 4. You MUST use the IEEE template posted on BREO and any submission that does not meet the IEEE template formatting will result in marks deducted (see Marks & Feedback section below). 5. It is essential that you demonstrate critical comparison, analysis and evaluation in your paper as this is a Postgraduate piece of work. 6. Deduction of marks as per the above points will be up to a total of 10 marks (does not apply to Plagiarised content). Is there a size limit? You are required to follow and meet the Assessment Specifications stated below: What to Submit (READ THESE AND FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY) 1. A Microsoft Word document written using the IEEE journal paper template (See BREO site for a copy of the template). The file name should be written as: StudentID.docx. Only Microsoft Word or PDF files will be accepted. No compressed files should be submitted. 2. The maximum number of pages should be 6 pages and a minimum of 5 pages using the same font size and formatting as shown in the template (do not include the assignment cover or this document). 3. Make sure that your document has your name, student ID, and course title you are doing clearly shown in the Author information as per the IEEE template requirements. No emails, University name and address are required. 4. This file should be submitted via the Assignment 1 link under the Assessment & Feedback section. 5. No hard copy is required, and none will be accepted. Emailed copies of the submission will not be accepted. You are allowed multiple submissions prior to the deadline using the BREO link, with the last one submitted is the one to be marked. What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF) • Identify appropriate research in a given aspect of network systems • Review the current state of the art in an area of network systems • Compare and make judgements about alternative approaches and technologies • Reference your work according to academic standards How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade? By addressing all the assessment requirements and threshold expectations stated above and following the comments in the Marks & Feedback section below. How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions? Assessment One is an individual research review (survey-style) paper. You are required to research a selected topic as given by the unit staff and write an IEEE journal review (survey-style) paper demonstrating your critical analytical, comparative and evaluation skills as well as the ability to summarise published work, use of IEEE referencing, and the appropriate selection of information sources.

How will my assignment be marked? Your assignment be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.

You can use them to evaluate your own work and estimate your grade before you submit. 0-34% 35-39% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+ Introduction 10% No introduction to the topic No or poorly written introduction Very brief introduction Satisfactory introduction Good introduction Excellent introduction Development (Logical structure in terms of technical contents) 15% Paper lacking any logical structure and coherence. Not relevant to topic. Paper with poor logical structure and coherence Some logical structure and coherence to the paper Satisfactory paper with clear logical structure and coherence. Good coherent and logically structured paper. Excellent paper showing high level of coherence and logical structure.
Communication 10%
Poor use of the English language. No essential points covered.
Some English language problems. Essential points poorly covered.
Some English language problems. Very brief coverage of essential points.
Satisfactory English. Satisfactory coverage of essential points.
Good written English with clear coverage of the essential points.
Excellent written English with all the essential points covered.
Technical content 20%
Vaguely defined presentation topic. Associated areas not defined.
Poorly defined paper topic. Associated areas not or poorly defined
Briefly defined paper topic. Associated areas briefly defined and lack depth.
Satisfactory attempt at defining the paper topic and associated areas.
Clearly defined paper topic and associated areas.
Excellent definition of topic and associated areas.
Technical authority (References must strictly follow the IEEE template referencing system) 15%
No or inappropriate references. Not using the Harvard Referencing System. Lacks any depth.
No or inappropriate references. Not using or reliant on single source of information (e.g. Internet websites) Lacks depth.
Some references used. Briefly covered or supported content.
Some references used. Satisfactory level of supported content.
Good content coverage supported with appropriate references.
Excellent content coverage fully supported by relevant references.
Style (Structure means sectioning, format, etc. All this must be according to the IEEE journal paper format) 15%
Paper poorly structured & compiled. Inappropriate content. Messy appearance of work
Paper poorly structured & compiled. Inappropriate content. Messy appearance of work
Paper structure needs improving. Diagrams of low quality. Presentation has omissions/ unnecessary extra content
Satisfactory paper structure. Some discussion with original ideas, but rather brief
Content & structure of paper are good. Clea