CIS8504 Assignment 1

CIS8504 Assignment 1 (S1 2020) Description
Marks out of Wtg(%) Word limit Due date
Assignment 1 100

35 Approx. 2500

Write short essays on the following topics: Write an essay which demonstrates your understanding of Blockchains. Critically discuss how each of the following is practically achieved (or otherwise) through blockchain’s architectural design, and through its technology and cryptography components within the blockchain ecosystem: 1. Decentralization 2. Transparency 3. Immutability 4. Provenance 5. Consensus 6. Accessibility (e.g. private, permissioned, open) 7. Trust 8. Security (e.g. cryptography) 9. Efficiency (e.g. costs, processing time) 10. Privacy (e.g. anonymity)

NOTES: 1. Word count: Restrict your discussion to around 300 words per topic (not including diagrams and figures). 2. Essay structure, presentation and writing style: The essay must be professionally structured and presented with appropriate headings, tables, diagrams etc. and the writing style must be clear and succinct, grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes.

3. Referencing: An appropriate level of in text referencing acknowledging original sources of ideas presented in the essay must be provided together with a reference list which provides complete details for all references cited in the essays using the Harvard referencing style. a. Harvard referencing resources i. Install a bibliography referencing tool – Endnote which integrates with your word processor. 1. ii. USQ Library how to reference correctly using the Harvard referencing system 1.
24 APRIL 2020
ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION The file naming guidelines are as follows: 1. It is important that you use this convention to ensure that assignments can be tracked: Familyname_studentnumber_CIS8504_A1 a. Replace ‘familyname’ with your family or surname b. Replace ‘studentnumber’ with your student number (which starts with ‘00’) 2. Submit your assignment using the Online Assignment Submission link on the Study Desk Late submission of assignment work: Late assignments will be penalised unless permission has been granted by the course leader BEFORE the assignment due date. Late assignments may be penalised according the USQ policy. Your assignment will be sent automatically to the plagiarism checking website Turnitin when you submit your assignment.