Big Data and Cloud Security

Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) assessed:


  1. Critically evaluate the principles, methods and tools of big data and cloud security to develop in-depth knowledge of key features and architectures.
  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of Cloud Data Storage Architectures, Cloud software assurance, and audit process methodologies.
  3. Systematically design, critically evaluate and implement the security controls necessary to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability in cloud and big data environment.
  4. Critically analyse and appraise knowledge of commercial/legal/social/ethical requirements and unique risks within a Cloud and Big data environment



Type of the submission required

This is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work contributing towards the module assessment. Deliverables should be assembled into a single report document, which includes (critical analysis, research, and snapshot evidences of tasks carried out and justification of design methods and technologies used). Submission will be in the form of an MS word report (4000 words).


Case Study


Global Entertainments (GE) is an entertainment company established in 1995 which has grown into a company with a turnover of £10million.  Its headquarters is in Slough, where the company was originally founded.  There are also regional offices in London, New York and Singapore.

GE maintains a centralised database in Slough which supports a number of transaction processing systems. Recently the management team focussed its attention on improving the decision-making capabilities of the organisation. In particular they wanted to provide regional managers with information and insights into existing data to enable more efficient decision making.   At present, database (RDBMS) is updated continually throughout the day.  For example, entertainment products (online film streaming/DVDs) are constantly requested by the customers and the online transaction processing system records and updates inventory records accordingly.

During the sales/promotions phase, regional managers often need online analysis reports to monitor sales performance in order to rectify actions for any deviations in performance. They also need timely analysis reports to assist in making long-term decisions. Currently, a great deal of effort is spent on collecting data from various systems before any analysis can be undertaken. Managers want and need more information, but analysts can provide only minimal information at a high cost within the desired timeframes. It is clear that in order to provide the necessary information more efficiently, there is a need to move the IT infrastructure to a cloud environment and use big data for this purpose.  However, there is a concern that this will cause some issues with security.


You have been hired as a Big Data Cloud Engineer to migrate the company’s centralized database (RDBMS) to Big Data in the Cloud and identify security vulnerabilities and potential security threats caused by migrating the company’s data to cloud and big data environments. You should also suggest ways of protecting the company from these dangers.


Section A (60%) – suggested word limit for this section is 2800 words



  1. Discuss and analyse the principles of Big Data in the Cloud – how this methodology can be helpful for Global Entertainments company (case study) – Suggested word limit for this task is 1000 words [Marks 20]


  1. Critically evaluate and discuss the security risks within IAAS, PAAS and SAAS and decide which one is more suitable and secure for the Global Entertainments company (case study)Suggested word limit for this task is 1000 words [Marks 15]


  1. Critically evaluate and discuss Big Data tools, solutions and security in the Cloud Suggested word limit for this task is 800 words [Marks 20]


  1. Produce a high-level infrastructure diagram (your diagram should show the tools/solutions) [Marks 5]


Section B (40%) – Implementation – suggested word limit for this section is 1200 words



  1. Create a Big Data Project in the Cloud environment by migrating existing database (RDBMS) into Big Data in the Cloud environment based on the features chosen for Global Entertainments (section A) [Marks 20]


  1. Using the appropriate tools/software demonstrate security controls used for the above Big Data project [Marks 10]


  1. Discuss which professional practices can help the Global Entertainments to comply with relevant legal, ethical and social issues within the Cloud and Big data environment.

Suggested word limit for this task is 1200 words [Marks 10]