Project Details

Project Details

This project will be divided into three parts.

Problem’s Details #1
Word counts: 1500words

“Human Resource Management has been considered as the key to sustainable competitive edge, as HR role today are
more involved in both designing and implementing companies, strategies.”

Problem: Critically discuss the strategic role of human resouce management in an organization.

What to include: The purpose of this project assassement is to familiarise you with the strategic role of human resource
management today in contributing to the competitive advantage of a firm through its people. You must adopt a critical
discussion in this assignment. Your discussion must be supported by academic literature and a thorough literature review
of this topic is required. You should not merely reproduce paragraphs of descriptive details on the various HR roles and
functions, as this is not the purpose of this assessment. You may support your discussions with some practical examples drawn
from some orgranizations.
Problem’s Details #2
Word counts: 3000words

Problem: Critically discuss the importance of employee engagement and the HR strategies that organizations can adopt
to enhance the commitment of employees towards achieving the goals.

Problem’s Details #3

Word counts: 4000words
Please read the following case study in the attached files below:
“HBR’s Maximizing Your Return on People” (March,2007)


Problem: Your are required conduct a survey on your organization with the “HCM Survey” tool on the artical in the link
above – “Maximizing Your Return on People, Harvard Business Review (March,2007) and critically discuss how to improve the
business performance of your organization.