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You are from the West Coast and you have been offered a job that requires you to live in one of four cities in Ohio (Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati). From an environmental health perspective you want to know which one of these cities is best for you and your family to live.

1. Use at least 6 metrics (e.g., air quality, drinking water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, brownfields, hazardous waste sites, food safety, vector-borne diseases, radiation, environmental toxins, etc.) rank the four cities from best to worst.


  1. You will need to clearly specify which metrics you selected and justify the rankings. You must use at least five national and/or state environmental databases or tracking systems. OTHERWISE YOU GET ZERO.


  1. 3. Use comparable local data bases (Charts , statics,..etc) from the respective cities and their counties. Charts


For your information

Toledo is in Lucas County
Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County

Columbus is in Franklin County

Cincinnati is in Hamilton County


  1. 10 citations is required.