Globalization & Eating Disorder, Autism & Inclusion, Feminization Of Poverty, Global Health Approaches To HIV/AIDS

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Take-Home Final Assignment
HDEV 360 (Sec. 04)
Fall 2019
Instructor: Dr. Karen Sirota
HURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2019 (BY 4:45PM)
Assignments must be submitted via BeachBoard
The Take-Home Final Assignment consists of four topical essays (approx. 2-3 pages,
each) that draw upon HDEV 360 course materials. The primary aim of the Final
Assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of HDEV 360 course materials, topics, and
themes by critically evaluating and applying core ideas that involve culturally-relevant
human development issues. Since a vital component of the course involves active
engagement with ideas presented in class readings, discussions, and lectures, the
assignment offers you an added opportunity to develop and refine your perspective vis-à-
vis HDEV 360 course materials, and to further strengthen your scholarly argumentation
skills by drawing on key concepts, research, and theories that we have addressed this
HDEV 360 Take-Home Final Assignment Topics:
4 topical essays (approx. 2-3 pages, each)
Each individual essay = 15 points
Design and discuss a culturally-informed prevention, intervention, or educational
outreach program to respond to each of the
four following human development concerns.
Address each individual topic in a separate essay. Support your ideas with research
findings drawn from HDEV 360 required and/or recommended “bonus resource” class
readings. You must include a “References Cited” section that lists all references you
have employed in your Take-Home Final Assignment at the very end of your assignment
as a whole. (See the next page for additional assignment instructions and requirements.)
Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) topical essay about each of the following 4
Globalization and Eating Disorders
Autism Inclusion
Feminization of Poverty
Global Health Approaches to HIV/AIDS
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Each of your 4 topical essays should address all of the following areas:
1. Problem Identification (approx. ½ page)
o Identify a specific target problem (involving culture and human
development) that is directly related to the broader essay topic.
2. Literature Review (approx. 1 page)
o Drawing upon at least 2 HDEV 360 assigned (required and/or
recommended) readings, comprehensively discuss HDEV 360 researchbased findings and concepts that are centrally relevant in defining and
responding to the target problem you have identified.
3. Proposed Program: Description & Analysis (approx. 1 page)
o Discuss how you will specifically apply the research-based findings,
concepts, and ideas you discussed in Section 2 (above) in designing and
implementing a culturally-informed prevention, intervention, or
educational outreach program in response to the identified problem.
What are the key goals of your proposed program, and who is the
intended target population?
How and why will your proposed program specifically benefit the
well-being of the identified target population?
How and why is culture a key factor to consider in terms of your
proposed program?
4. Key Relevance to Culture and Human Development (approx. ½ page)
o Summarize and highlight the importance of your identified target problem
and proposed program in terms of their key relevance, contributions, etc.,
in relationship with culture and human development.
It is imperative to use appropriate APA reference citation format and guidelines in
introducing, defining, and describing relevant theories, concepts, and research findings.
All information sources employed in your paper (e.g., books, journal articles, handouts,
website references) must be cited within the body of your paper as well as being listed
alphabetically in a reference section or bibliography at the end of your paper. All quotes
of three words or more must be clearly and accurately identified with required quotation
marks and accompanying reference citation information.
HDEV 360 Take-Home Final Assignment – Grading Criteria:
Comprehensive mastery of the material and the concepts involved, with
productive application of critical thinking skills
Clarity, cohesiveness, and organization of ideas
Quality, depth, and thoroughness of thought
Overall integration of argumentation/analysis (with coherent linkages
drawn between relevant course materials and themes)
Proficiency of written work (with proper use of APA reference citations)
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Take-Home Final Assignment – Tips:
Begin with core issues and themes that interest you and draw your attention (i.e.,
ideas that you find relevant, intriguing, challenging, puzzling, etc.)
Focus in by addressing thoughtfully and thoroughly addressing main ideas and
themes in an in-depth manner (rather than briefly discussing key points).
Express a point of view about the topic(s) you address. Make sure to back up your
position/argument with scholarly sources and citations drawn from relevant
course materials, as well as specific examples that illustrate your key point(s).
The most successful essays draw meaningful connections between various
sources. For example, how do core issues and themes that are discussed by
various authors relate to one another (i.e., by confirming, challenging, or
contradicting one another)? What are some specific examples of such?
Strive for professionalism in your written work. (Be sure to carefully proofread
your work, with thoughtful attention to details of sentence construction, grammar,
punctuation, spelling, proper APA reference citation formatting, etc. An easy way
to help accomplish this is to use your computer’s editing and spell check feature.)
Take-Home Final Assignment – What to Avoid:
Platitudes and “Barnum” statements (“empty,” generalized “truisms”)
Strings of quotes
Unanalyzed, regurgitated “bullet points” and quotations copied from in-class
lecture notes
Superficial summaries of assigned course materials
Material that does not centrally relate to or touch upon key course themes related
to “Cultural Foundations in Human Development.”
Assignments must employ American Psychological Association (APA) format:
See “APA Style Reference Citation Examples” Handout (available on
All information sources employed in your paper (e.g., books, journal articles,
handouts, website references) must be cited within the body of your paper as well
as being listed alphabetically in a reference section or bibliography at the end of
your paper.
Quotation marks must be used to delineate direct quotations and proper citation
information must accompany all quoted and paraphrased material. If you are
unsure of how to cite sources, please consult the instructor.
Assignments that contain material you previously have submitted for credit in this
class or in any other university course will not be accepted. This constitutes selfplagiarism and is a violation of CSULB’s academic integrity standards.
Remember that plagiarism is a serious offense and violates the University’s
Academic Integrity policy. Please be sure to carefully review the information on
Academic Integrity that is included below as well as the section on Academic
Integrity in the course syllabus (pp. 3-4).

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For Writing & Style Guide Assistance & Tips:
CSULB Library Style Manuals & Citation Methods (APA Style):
CSULB Library Style Manuals & Citation Methods (General Information):
CSULB Writer’s Resource Lab:
o Location: LAB-206; Phone: (562) 985-4329
CSULB Learning Assistance Center (LAC):
o Location: Horn Center, 104; Phone (562) 985-5350
Assignment Submission Policies:
Late assignments will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances, and only if
you have received prior approval from the instructor in advance of the assignment
due date:
It is imperative to discuss any potential conflicts in meeting the written
assignment deadline(s) with the instructor in advance of the assignment
due date(s).
o If permission is granted for late submission of an assignment, the
instructor reserves the right to reduce the late assignment grade.
You are urged not to wait until the last moment to complete assignments.
Personal emergencies occurring 24 hours or less before the due date will
not be considered as grounds for an extension
Assignments that are submitted via email will not be accepted.
No extra credit opportunities will be offered.
Additional details about grading guidelines for HDEV 360 written assignments are
available in the HDEV 360 Grading Guidelines Handout (BeachBoard, Assignments
Academic Integrity:
Students are expected to comply with the CSULB Academic Integrity policy, at all times.
Suspected violations of academic integrity (e.g., plagiarism or cheating of any kind) will
be handled in accordance with University Policy. Scholastic dishonesty is a serious
matter and is treated as such by the University. Additional details about the University’s
policy on academic integrity can be obtained by contacting the CSULB Office of Judicial
Affairs at (562) 985-5270, or may be accessed online at the following web address: