Manufacturing—–Assembly——Distribution——Marketing & Sales

Use the following facts:

You make candles in the United States of America (USA)-your home country. Your business has a net profit of 4.3 million U.S. Dollars ($) annually. You own seventy-percent (70%) of the stock. Your costs are rising. The glassware division you operate is the assembly segment of your business value chain (shown). You are not required to maintain control of manufacturing, but you are required to consolidate operations.

Manufacturing—–Assembly——Distribution——Marketing & Sales

You also manufacture and sell wax-based agricultural chemicals (poisons) to emerging economies and LDCs to promote robust food production. A spill of these chemicals would be extremely hazardous to the environment, however this is a growing segment of your business and you wish to expand it.

All of the facts are relevant.

Task: Pursue a new opportunity related to the agricultural products and components in Saudi Arabia.

  • Thoroughly define and explain how to do business internationally in the given Task (above).
  • Present your answer using the sequential steps: Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.
  • Be sure to express your answer in essay form.
  • Be sure to explain the reasons for the choices and assumptions you may make in your answer.
  • Express your answer in terms of the vocabulary used in this course.