I took a gender equality course in my undergraduate school, which made me think more about it, and I did some research on it.


Feudal ancient and imperial China is deeply influenced by Confucianism, but not all of Confucianism are good, some are Chinese feudal ideas. A of the core idea of Confucianism is that a man is superior to women. For example, Confucius proposed the three cardinal and three obediences guides in order to the behavioral norm of a woman two thousand years ago “ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife” three obediences (to father before marriage, to husband after marriage and to son after the death of husband). Master also said, “Of all people, girls and servants are the most difficult to behave to. If you are familiar with them, they lose their humility. If you maintain a reserve towards them, they are discontented.” These codes has heavily influenced feudal ancient and imperial China until the recent Maoist Era. It is very common to see, a rich man has three wives and four concubines in ancient China.Until the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many people still thought that it was useful for boys to study, and that girls did not need to study. In modern society, under the influence of Confucian philosophy, most Chinese still believe in the statement that “Men’s work centers around outside, women’s work centers around the home.”


In recent years, the issue of gender equality has been continuously improved in China. According to the recent survey, 74% of China’s working-age women are employed. About 75% of working-age women in the United States and Australia are employed. The figure is 87.5% in Sweden, 84% in France and 79% in the UK. Just like women in many countries, Chinese women bear heavy burdens such as taking care of children, doing housework and cooking in the family besides work. at present, the salary ratio of female to male co-workers in China is about 64%. This means that more women need to undertake more unpaid work than men in order to get the same salary as men.