Social Media Use Policy

Social Media Use Policy

Proposed Topic:
The developments in technology are invaluable resources that help law enforcement officer in performance of their duties, nonetheless, technologies such as social media platforms have constructive and destructive effects.

Proposed Thesis Statement:
Graduate writing cannot be “A” quality without a thesis statement. The thesis statement provides the destination of the paper. The topic/title of the paper will tell the reader which direction the essay is heading (N, S, E, or W) and a transition statement tells the reader the steps that will be taken  to get to the destination. A strong conclusion cannot be written without a strong thesis statement. The thesis drives the conclusion. If you know beforehand what you are trying to accomplish, then in your conclusion you can tell if you have accomplished this goal or not.

Preliminary Bibliography (minimum of six sources in APA format):
Schmalleger, F.  (2011). Criminal justice today: An introductory text for the 21st Century (11th ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NY: Prentice Hall.

Annotated Bibliography
Summarize each article or text you are going to use in this paper (at least 6 sources need to be included in this portion of the assignment). Each summary needs to be about a paragraph in length. At the end of this annotated summary you will need to write a one paragraph summary regarding how these sources connect to the topic at hand and how you plan on using these sources to justify your conclusion.