English Research Paper About Addiction

Comparison between two memoirs about addiction: Note Found in a Bottle by Susan Cheever and Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher.  The main topic linking the two memoirs will be addiction in children of celebrities. Additionally, the paper has two focus on medical information and sociological/psychological aspects of addiction. It must include both, not just one.

At least two reliable, scholarly articles about addiction in children of celebrities must also be referred to throughout the paper.

It has to be between 10 and 12 pages.

It must be carefully researched, thought out, organized, present different points of view and create a logical point of view.

The paper is not opinion based, it’s a research paper. It must present various arguments, theories and differences between professionals in the topic.  No personal experiences or inferences can be used in the paper at all.

The introduction cannot have a thesis or make any sort of claims. Since it’s a research paper, all the points that are made have to be proven throughout the paper, and then there can be a thesis based on that in the conclusion.

Must be written in third person.

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