Business & Finance homework help

For the sake of this assignment, you are the recruitment officer of an organization looking to fill a dozen positions.

For each of the following advertising resources for recruitment answer the following questions.

Advertising Resources:

Internal Recruitment

Print Advertising (Local media, National publications)

Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Job Fairs

Professional Conferences

Internet Sources (monster, indeed, careerbuilder, etc.)

Universities & Colleges

Search Firm

Answer the following questions for each resource:

What are the pros and cons for each of each advertising resources.

As the recruitment officer, what do you need to do to prepare for each resource? (ie. For a job fair you would need a table presentation, information pieces – what are those?, swag)

Do you feel you would yield the needed results from this resource? Would this resource provide an ROI?

In the current industry that you work which of these resources are most often used or seems to be the most beneficial?

This assignment should be at least 500 words. Be sure to provide use of this week’s content knowledge as a resource to complete this assignment.

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