Case Study Analysis

You are asked to prepare a case study and analysis of a change situation (past, present, or contemplated) within an organization you know well (e.g., your place of employment, your religious organization, a community organization in which you volunteer, Park University). You may use the same change opportunity that you dealt with in the Integrative Paper. This assignment is to describe a change problem and how you would deal with it.

Objectives: 1) to develop a greater
understanding of organizational change, 2) to develop your critical thinking
skills, 3) to develop your diagnostic, problem solving, and project
implementation skills, 4) develop your research skills, and
5) to improve your writing skills.

Assignment: Your case analysis should include the following seven sections:

  1. Introduction where you explain what organization and change you will address and preview the paper
  2. The problem section. In this section,
  3. Define the problem/need for change. What forces are causing the need to change?
  4. Analyze the organizational situation for change: identify the problem(s) in the organization and the causes of the problem(s). Here you might discuss the structural or human barriers to change, power issues, ethical issues, cultural issues, general readiness for change, etc.
  5. The solution section. In this section,
  6. Identify your overall solution and explain the assumptions made.
  7. Then, explain the plain in detail. Include specific implementation guidelines, vision and strategies, analysis of the political terrain, appropriate change message and when to send
    them, and appropriate leadership actions (including the building of coalitions,
  8. Identify the risks and benefits of the solution (including the ethics of the solution).
  9. Explain contingency plans.
  10. Conclusion where you review briefly the information presented.
  11. Five questions for fellow students to answer regarding the case as it illustrates the course material.
  12. Answers to the questions/identification of lessons to be learned from the case
  13. Synthesizes information from readings and library resources to support and explain your ideas. Remember to include how the different frames have affected your analysis.

The primary objective of this assignment is the development of your implementation skills. Thus, it is not sufficient to simply diagnose what is wrong in the case. Rather, you also should present detailed and specific plans for solving the case problems.

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