Speech of Introduction

Speech of Introduction

In Unit I, you were asked to create a very short video as a way of introducing yourself to the class. This was not only an introduction to the class, but it was also a preliminary introduction to making video presentations on specific oral topics, which will be a major part of this class.

For this assignment, you will create, record, and submit a formal speech of introduction.

Your video should be 2 to 5 minutes in length. Remember, one of the hallmarks of a speech of introduction is that it is brief.

Start by first considering who you would like to introduce such as a family member, friend, or celebrity. Then, go back and review all of the characteristics of a speech of introduction. You may want to create an outline or write out the speech in its entirety (although you certainly do not want to read the presentation). Then, practice the speech, and record it as many times as necessary for you to be satisfied that you have a submission worthy to be viewed by the class. Then, as you did in Unit I, submit the oral presentation by including the YouTube link in a Word document.

Below is a list of considerations for the speech of introduction. Please review the lessons from this unit to see the full explanations supporting the points below.

  1. The single most important point and function of a speech of introduction is to prepare an audience for a particular person and to build enthusiasm if possible.
  2. Keep in mind that you, as the person doing the introduction, are not to draw attention to yourself and what you think but, rather, should focus entirely on the person being introduced.
  3. A speech of introduction is as brief and succinct as possible to get the job of the introduction done well. Obviously, a very famous person requires more time to cite his or her accolades.
  4. Every point made about the person being introduced must be perfectly accurate and never exaggerated or, worse, incorrect.
  5. Practice if necessary, but have the name of the person being introduced perfectly correct.
  6. Be consistent with the tone of the occasion and person being introduced.
  7. Although perhaps a part of #4, never praise the person being introduced too much.
  8. Keep in mind that one of the oldest conventions of a speech of introduction is to hold the full name of the person being introduced for last, perhaps to be given at the time the person is making an entrance.

You will use YouTube to upload your video. If you would like a refresher on this process, click here to view the instructions on how to record and upload a video using YouTube. To submit your video, copy the URL from YouTube, paste it into a Word document, and submit it through Blackboard.

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