DB #2 – Understanding Barriers to Doing Business Globally

DB #2 – Understanding Barriers to Doing Business Globally


Feedback to TWO Classmates’ Due: Monday, June 10, by 11:59pm

This week, you’ve been reading about personal and social barriers that impede our success. These barriers, which may be found within ourselves, and the larger society, include limited perceptions, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, prejudice, and prejudice plus power, and discrimination. Understanding these barriers and their continuing relevance to each of us is essential. Equally important is our ability to acknowledge, find support, and deal with these barriers effectively.

For this discussion, we’re going to examine personal and social barriers in relation to another culture, another country.

Increasingly, American businesspeople find themselves traveling to other countries to conduct business. For this discussion board, you must select a country that interests you (and I approve). You will be doing some online research about this country. The research will be important for any businessperson traveling to the country and intending to conduct business in that country.

First, visit the website: https://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/guides/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and identify three (3) countries you may be interested in researching.

Next, send an email to me at  with the list of three countries you would be interested in researching. I will respond by assigning one of the countries for you to research.

Once you have received approval to research a country, you need to go back to the Kwintessential website and read the Country Guide & Profile, then identify facts, etiquette, culture, customs, and business practices that would be important for the business traveler to know before conducting business in that country.

Based on your research, you will select a minimum of six (6) areas of information about the country that you believe will be valuable for business travelers.

Create a two-page guide sheet to conducting business in your researched country, and some of the differences and difficulties that an American manager may experience. You need to highlight what kind of barriers a business traveler might encounter and how they can overcome these barriers. Be sure to include an introduction, a minimum of six areas of information, and a summary or conclusion. Include artwork, photographs, and bulleted lists of important information for the traveler. Remember to cite your sources (including photos and artwork).

In addition to creating a guide sheet for your country, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. How has your research helped you become aware of the culture and diversity of the country you researched? How might your attitude or behavior change based upon what you learned from your research? How would you use this information in your personal life? In business?
  2. What has been the most surprising information you learned from your research? Explain.

*Note, the questions will be answered in the discussion board forum and the country guide sheet will be uploaded as an attachment.

Grading rubric appears below:

Discussion Board 2 – Grading Rubric.docx

Remember: By Monday, June 10, you will need to provide feedback/comments to TWO of your classmates’ posts. Find similarities and/or differences in the countries your classmates’ researched in comparison to the country you researched. You may also chose to comment on what your classmates’ learned from this research; particularly if you find that, you have common or different thoughts/experiences.

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