Caring For The Bereaved Assignment

Locate 1 research article relating to the topic (week 5 – caring for the bereaved).

Your articles must be no more than seven years old and must be from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals.

 If you have quesions about whether a source is appropriate, ask me or visit the following link:

Submit a paper to the assignment folder of at least two well developed paragraphs with a brief summary of the article and your comments about what stood out for you.

Provide the journal/article information

You may want to refer to the Social Science Toolkit (in the Content Section) for some

background in research/study articles.

  • Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. Reminder:

For information on APA formatting, go to ( (Then click on the Basics of APA Style OR ask a librarian


Reminder: You can also get library help online:

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