Contemporary Issues in Business and Management


Contemporary Issues in Business and Management


Assignment Brief for Assignment/coursework 1: Individual essay


Module Title Module Title Contemporary Issues in Business and Management Module Code: 6BUS1101-0901-2019


Assignment Format & Maximum Word count Individual essay, maximum 2,000 words (+/- 10%) Assignment Weighting: 60% of the overall grade
Coursework Submission: Time:23:55
Date: 08/04/2019
Method: On-line submission
Coursework return Date returned to students: 4 weeks after submission
Module leader Dr. Sheku Kakay and Dr. Dennis Badeen


Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
·       Research selected key contemporary issues in the field of business and management and analyse them through the application of appropriate theoretical lenses.

·       Critically review different theoretical frameworks that underpin business research.

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
·       Analyse views on the specific contemporary issues identified, synthesise and communicate your own views appropriately.

·       Apply advanced research skills to the study of business and management issues

Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment
Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria and Mark scheme. Guidance for improvement will be given in writing on the Assessment Feedback Form or on the Canvas Feedback Form within 4 weeks of submission. Assignments submitted up to one week late will receive a maximum numeric grade of 40%. Plagiarism offences will receive standard penalties.


The marking scheme for this assignment is as follows:

·       Presentation and structure: 15%

·       Accurate Harvard referencing: 5%

·       Content: defining the issue under investigation using different sources of secondary data that could be used to explore examples of business practice: 25%

·       Use of theories to analyse the issues you identify, including the use of appropriate theories you have learned in other modules: 25%

·       Present a discussion of how you would deal with the issues you have identified using your analysis of these issues using theories: 30%


Please note that, feedback for this assignment will be available on Canvas after marking





Detailed Brief for Assessment
·       Assignment Title: Issues faced by a contemporary business organisation

·       The aim of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate their research and analytical skills by deeply exploring contemporary issues in the field of business and management.


Purpose of this Assignment

By drafting an integrative essay focused on current issues and topics relevant for contemporary business practice, students shall research and analyse current issues and theoretical approaches in order to make sense of managerial experiences and practices.

You are required to draw from theories you have learned from across the rest of your studies and modules: the central purpose of this assignment is to allow you to synthesise and apply your learning from your programme to a real world business case.

Structure of this Assignment

The word count should not exceed 2,200 words (2,000 words +/- 10%), excluding the following: title page, references and appendices (if applicable).


  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction – Having chosen one of the business organisations listed on Canvas, you should briefly identify this business organisation and the more important issues faced by that organisation.  In addition, you should specify the theories and theoretical concepts that you use to analyse in depth those issues. Limit yourself to 1 or 2 issues and 1 or 2 corresponding theories and theoretical concepts. The introduction should provide a roadmap, outlining the key points to be considered and in what order — this­ helps the reader navigate the rest of your essay.  Please note: structure makes up 15% of the marks for this assignment.
  3. Body of the essay – Provide an in-depth discussion of the business organisation, accounting for the relevant and important issues (1 or 2) that it faces showing an academic level of research. Define and show how you have applied the theories and theoretical concepts used to critically analyse the issues faced by your chosen organisation.
  4. Conclusions and recommendations – Summarise and offer recommendations for dealing with the issues you identified based on your analysis.
  5. References – HBS Harvard Referencing (See CASE website)
  6. Appendices – Limited use, appropriate and fully referred to in the main text


Please Note: 

•       Support all your arguments with references to credible material published online and in print

•       Do NOT use Wikipedia as a reference – perhaps instead use it to find links to case studies and other published material.  Consider using search engines such as Google Scholar and Scopus; for academic peer-reviewed journals, and Business Source Complete and Nexis; for practitioner-focused trade publications and news sources.

•       As you write and structure your essay, refer carefully to the grading criteria and assess how well you are addressing the marking scheme.

•       CASE provides very useful essay writing instructions. In particular, the documents titled Essay Structure, Essay Writing Skills, and Essay Writing Tips (6) offer valuable insight into the essay writing process. The CASE Guide to Harvard Referencing is an essential resource.

•       Refer to guidance from CASE on ‘Academic Writing’ for details on spelling, grammar and structure

·       Mark scheme:


Detailed breakdown of the marking scheme Weighting
Presentation and Structure 15
Harvard Referencing 5
Content 25
Application of theory to issues 25
Discussion of analysis and recommendations to identified issues 30
Total 100
Student Support and Guidance

·       For further help, contact your module leader in their drop-in hours or by email.

·       Go to CASE workshops, use the CASE website and drop-in hours

·       Academic English for Business  (AEB) support is available to you as a class which follows the lecture on Fridays, from 2 to 3pm in M044.  Take advantage of this subject specific support offered to you. If you attend 70% of these classes an HBS Certificate will be issued to you.

·       Make full use of Library search to identify relevant academic material and the ‘Subject Toolkit for Business’ which contains links to other Information Databases and the Information Management contact details. (


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