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Final Community Partnership Reflection You should have completed working with your community partner and finished your project.  Write a 750- to 1,150-word reflection on your overall experiences during your community partnership, including responses to each of the prompts listed under the headings:  Reflection on Experiences  What went well during your community partnership? What challenges did you encounter? How did you address them? How did you interact with your instructor and classmates in order to complete your project successfully? Did your involvement make a positive difference for the organization? Explain your response. Did you achieve your goals? Why or why not? What made the difference? Reflection on Service-Learning  Overall, what impression did you have about service-learning? How did service-learning differ from your initial expectations? Was service-learning effective in helping you engage with the content of the course? If so, how? If not, why not? Did you witness servant leadership during your project? If so, please offer a short description. Did this project make you want to continue working with your partner? Do you have ideas about engaging further in your community through service? Reflection on Community Service Organizations  Do you think your organization is engaging in social change? Do you think your organization’s goal is to “put themselves out of business”? What steps could the organization take to push toward a more progressive future? Self-Reflection  How have you changed due to your service-learning experience? Have you felt more engaged during this course than other courses you’ve taken? Explain your response. Do you think servant leadership is a style that works well for you? Why? Note: Your reflections should be honest and forthright. You will be graded on the quality and detail of your reflection, not on the tone or content.

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