Discussion Board: 3 Ethics

My course is Ethics of Healthcare – Master of Health Administration.

a. Directly posting their own responses as answers to the questions below. Write in no more than 600 words but no less than 500 words.

  1. Scarce resources including money is always a part of the ethics challenges for health care. How can you be an ethics-based steward of health care resources? Use the theme of balancing mission and margin on the application of ethical theory to real-world decisions.
  2. As a future administrator, what kind of culture would you like to create in your institution/department? How could you do this?
  3. Public health is founded on the principle of justice and social responsibility. The community becomes a patient and there is a need to balance the benefits and burdens of health care. How can knowledge of public health information and practices help you to be a more ethical manager?
  4. Draw conclusions about where we need to go in measuring the patient experience. What if your organization made the choice to be a Planetree Model facility?” Assume that budget was not an issue here. “What ethics issues would this create for staff?” Think beyond, “We have always done it this way”.

b. Reply to at least one classmate in no more than 200 words but no less than 150 words.

Reply to my classmate Discussion:

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