SOC 427/527        

SOC 427/527                                                                                                                      Quiz 5 of 13



This quiz is worth a total of 10 points. For this quiz you have the option to answer either question (1 or 2). Please answer the question that you select in its entirety. Your answer should indicate to me that you read the assigned reading for today. Because this quiz is being completed due to a cancelled class, you may use your Hattery book to answer the question. Please bring a hard copy of your completed quiz to class on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.



Name ____________________________________________________                Circle:   UG       G



Hattery – Chapter 2


Choose one of the following questions to answer:


  1. What role does sexual abuse in childhood play in the likelihood that women will be beaten in their adult relationships?














  1. What role does child abuse and exposure to intimate partner violence play in the probability that men will grow up to become batterers?


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