Brokeback Mountain

After you watch the movie “Brokeback Mountain” narrate with the New York times that was realized on 1997  on an idea for your own study of a book-to-movie adaptation.

prepare at least two pages.

1.) Choose a scene from the film that addresses the passage of time, a state of consciousness, or a moment of memory/regret as depicted in the short story  “Brokeback Mountain.” Describe how the film shows time/memory/consciousness differently than the short story. Bluestone’s essay on Novel to Film might help you with this as needed.

2.) Ang Lee is known for shots in which the landscape defines the protagonist–give an example from the film that would support this assertion, as well as which would tie to the tradition of the American Western as a place of moral exploration.

3.) Based on the two scenes you describe above, argue overall why the adaptation of this short story into a film was so well received critically and nominated/awarded so many awards in direction, acting (Ledger, Gyllenhaal, Williams), cinematography, and adapted screenplay. Use Giannetti to support your analysis and focus on one specific area of achievement (cinematography, acting, etc.).

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