SOC453: Race and Ethnicity

SOC453: Race and Ethnicity

Ripped from the Headlines #2. Bring your textbooks and laptop

Part 1: Thursday, March 7

Thursday tasks: work in groups

Find a great, credible, headline article.  The headline content must connect in some way to A & T’s model or to Wilson. It must be a current headline—for the purposes of this assignment current means within the 6 month.  All team members must agree on the headline.

Once the credibility of the article has been established each team should discuss what is important in the article about the study of race and ethnicity.

Each team must then find two supporting articles; must be within the last two years.

Part 2:  due Thursday, March 21. Each student must write a narrative summarizing the relevant content of the “headline” article, discussing what is interesting and relevant about the content of the headline article for the sociological study of race and ethnicity and how the articles connect to A & T’s model or to Wilson, and describing the connections to the supporting articles. You should also talk about why this issue is important to you. The emphasis, however, must be on the connection between the issue and race and ethnicity. The summary must be documented, showing the ways in which you have used the three sources.  The summary should be approximately three pages, double spaced. Content (60%), documentation (30%), and writing quality (10%) will be factored into your grade. The narrative is due Tuesday. March 21st by the beginning of class.

The essay must be properly documented in the text and in the list of sources, in APA format. Please review the rules of proper documentation. The citations listed at the end must also be in proper form.










The Concept of Equality of Opportunity (option)

Fair opportunity practices include measures taken by an organization to ensure fairness in the employment process. A basic definition of equality is the idea of equal treatment and respect.


equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome


Equality of opportunity provides in a sense that all start the race of life at the same time. Equality of outcome attempts to ensure that everyone finishes at the same time. … It is an equal shot at empowerment or a chance to develop up to his or her potential rather than equal goods or equal chances. – headline -supporting – supporting





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