Home Final Essay Exam Prompt

Take-Home Final Essay Exam Prompt (Due at 5pm on Wednesday, March 20) For your take-home final exam, please write 1,500 words on the following prompt: Choose ONE (1) of the themes below that we have discussed and read about over the course of the quarter and answer the following question based on your chosen theme: How did your theme change or not change over the course of the time period we covered in this class? The possible themes are as follows: race and sport, gender and sport, religion and sport, cities and sport, politics and sport, education and sport. Your essay MUST have a clear, concise, and specific thesis statement/argument that guides the rest of your paper. This thesis statement must directly respond to the prompt. Your essay MUST properly use Chicago Style footnotes or endnotes. Please consult the documents on Bb Learn regarding Chicago Style citations for any questions on how to properly cite your sources. (You do not need to cite materials from the lecture notes or the videos, only from the primary and secondary source readings.) Your essay MAY NOT use sources other than the materials assigned in this course. That means that NO additional research is permitted.  Please also title your paper. Your essay will be graded on the effectiveness of your thesis statement, your grammar usage and writing style, the clarity of your writing, your use of the materials we read for this class, and your use of proper citation style.

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