Case Analysis Assignment

Paper Outline 

Note: The paper should not exceed 6 pages (not including the cover page).

  1. Introduction: a brief overview of the topic and how you plan to proceed with your discussion.
  2. Case Facts and the root cause of the problem
    • Identifying and listing relevant case facts
    • Identifying and describing the root cause of the problem
    • Identifying and describing the problem components
  3. Analysis & Decision Making
    • Generating alternatives
    • Evaluating alternatives
    • Choosing and supporting alternatives(s)
  4. Action Planning: Describe how you will turn your solution or decision into action, how, when and what.
  5. Measurements: Recommend measures that will evaluate performance.
  6. Conclusion: a summary of the key points of the case analysis.

Case Analysis Assignment Description

Case studies present you with real life scenarios and situations that help to develop your critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in the relatively safe environment of the classroom.  Whether the situation described in a case is fairly straightforward or is highly complex, the entire problem solving process involves 4 phases and eight steps outlined below.

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