Week 1 Discuss

 e-Activity: Go to The Office of the US Trade Representative web site located at https://ustr.gov/trade-agreements, review information on two countries of your choice on the website and prepare to discuss.

1. From the e-Activity, select a country from the list of U.S. free  trade agreement partners and examine the information. Then select two  (2) potential drawbacks from the trade agreement you selected, explain  your rationale, then provide a recommendation to address each of these  drawbacks.

2. Imagine that your goal is to be a next-generation multinational  manager. Suggest three (3) key traits or characteristics that this type  of manager should possess. Determine the related characteristic(s) that  you already possess, and propose strategies for developing the remaining  characteristic(s) through education and / or experience. If you believe  that you possess all of the traits or characteristics that you have  suggested, explain whether or not you obtained them through education  and / or experience.

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