Short Answer Questions

Questions should be answered from the provided articles (8 articles).

1. Summarize Angela Davis’ overall point in her article. What does she want her audience to understand?

150 word minimum.

2. Who was Isabella Williams and why does Giddens think she is important?

150 word minimum

3. Who were Jenny Slew and Elizabeth Freeman and why were their cases important in the fight against slavery?

150 word minimum

4. What similarities do you see between the activism of Maria Stewart (described in Giddens “Casting of the Die”) and the activism advocated by the Combahee River Collective in their “Black Feminist Statement?”

150 word minimum

5. According to the Combahee River Collective and Giddens’ “The Women’s Movement and Black Discontent,” what were some of the problems black women faced within the feminist community?

150 words minimum

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