Please choose an article from from the following issue of The Atlantic. In this October 2017 issue (click herePreview the documentView in a new window), you may only choose an article written by Perel, Goldsmith, Cohen, or Coates. See the table of contents in the issue for the names. Once you’ve chosen, follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

1) In 1 and 1/2 to 2 pages (or more), paraphrase the overall argument of the article, citing at least three important reasons/pieces of evidence that the author uses to support his/her conclusion. I understand that some of the articles focus on many different points, so you’re more than welcome to choose one key section from the article to explain if necessary (but you should still include three reasons/pieces of evidence). There is no need to evaluate the argument here, just explain what the article (or specific argument) is saying.

2) In about 1 page (or more), critically analyze the article using the tools of reason from philosophy that we’ve discussed in this class. Does the author make a strong or weak argument? Do some research on the author and identify his/her bias. Is the author an interested party? How interested? Do you think his/her bias/interest in the issue is clouding his/her judgment? Or are the arguments strong on their own? Also, point out any fallacies or biases that are used by the author of the article.

  • Your final product for this assignment should be a 2-3 paged, double-spaced, 12-point font paper.

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