Business Internal

Read an article from the business publication* of your choice that relates to the ideas internal analysis (SWOT, value chain analysis, resource based view, three circles analysis). Include some or most of the article’s title in the ‘Title’ box. See below for the contents of your discussion posting.

*The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, Business Week or Fortune are good sources of articles.

The discussion should include the following:

1. A brief summary (no more than one paragraph) of the journal/newspaper/magazine article you read.

2. Your analysis of its importance for the company/ industry, etc. Please include the following:

– The article’s relevance to the material presented (benchmarking, core competence, intangible assets, isolating machanisms, opportunity, organizational capabilities, product life cycle, resource based view, support activities, SWOT analysis, tangible assets, value chain, weakness).
– What are the strategic elements of this situation?
– What are the implications?
– For the industry?
– For the company?

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